Greetings humanity, heart of the One. We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. Light and love we send to you in never-ending waves of renewal. Just as the ocean waves upon Gaia’s sandy shores continually caress the sand so too do our waves of love comfort and soothe, should you allow. We are aware that many of you long for a vacation from this realm and experience. Ascension is not for the faint of heart and we see this, we know this. We live this alongside of you.




We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. We are a part of your support squad and we wish for you to truly feel the massive support that is being made available to you moment by moment! For it is most true. The sand may choose to not feel the waves and choose the feeling of isolation and angst. But the waves, the sunlight, the moonlight, the animals - they are all there just the same.




The sand may allow the elements to be a part of its experience or it may not. We realize this is a simplistic analogy for the earth embodiment but perhaps it helps you feel the closeness that we have with all of you. We are quite literally right beside you in your field. You are surrounded with loved ones when you sleep and work closely with your teams. The isolation feeling is unnecessary and burdensome.




Let us release it together shall we? Let us throw that feeling into the ocean and see it become transformed into yet greater support and allowance of harmony for your earth experience.




We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. It is windy where this one is sitting on her favorite rock. The winds are actively cleansing, moving, transforming. Nothing is stagnant upon your world. Indeed great tornadoes of energies of cleansing we see and we send light to assist. Accept our balance, our renewal for you. Let the wind blow away your anxieties and fears. Feel the peace in this moment and be comforted.




We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. We wrap you with rainbow light from the heart of the Mother Father from the belly of creation. We cocoon you in joy! You are emerged from your chrysalis. Sometimes it takes a while for the butterfly to realize it is no longer a caterpillar. Wings are dry now, dear ones, and you are surrounded by those who wish to support you in your flight. But we do not need to teach you how to fly for you are well versed. Masters have the solitary roads most of the times.




But that is not what this ascension is about for this is the unification of ascending humanity. All rise as one and together. This is occurring and is a collective effort. We wish for our light workers to feel this balance of unity for the risk of burnout serves no one and we wish for this to be avoided at all costs. Be at peace. Be balanced. Be whole. Be renewed. Be in harmony with your own inner light and the light around you. Look at the rainbow light that is wrapping you up like a present. Your light is a gift to humanity!




You volunteered knowing the sacrifice, the loneliness and understanding the great importance of the success of this mission. And so with great joy we encourage you in knowing all is divinely orchestrated, loved, supported and you need not feel alone. This need not be your solitary path. Love and open hands support you on all sides.




This is a collective ascension. Open your heart to the ocean waves of love surrounding you and remove any fear and doubt from your fields. Remove. Release. Restore. Balance. There is more than one color in a rainbow. This is a galactic effort. Join your rainbow frequency to the bridge but deeply know that it is not just up to you to build it.




The rainbow bridge is built by many hands. No feeling or perception of isolation is necessary for this collective process. Balance, peace, renewal, joy! Transform your fears into light and open your hands, your hearts to the tremendous angelic, galactic and ancestral support that is yours. Blessings dear hearts of the way, of the light, of the rainbow frequency of love.




We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. Become renewed like the smooth sand, comforted by the never-ending waves of love. Footprints are washed away by the waves. Memories of fears and loneliness are footprints you longer require, for this journey is a communal effort. Feel the smoothness of the cool wet sand beneath your feet.They are continually soothed, smoothed, cooled, supported. You are a part of everything and we are a part of you, beloved ones. We are the Angels of Balance and Harmony. Take this vacation in your mind and feel transformed. We love you.





翻译:Nick Chan



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