Beloved Ones,


Now it has become evident that you are the ones that you had been waiting for! Congratulations on adopting your mission to free yourselves and the world from its long slumber and confusion! You have the great priviledge of witnessing your Earth siblings wake up to the depth of their true identity and power. You eked your way to your own awakening through the mass fog, but now you await your loved ones as they appear on the shore. It is joy and relief and reunion that surpasses your conscious dreams, for the mire even kept you from the full cognizance of this possibility. Isn’t your heart rejoicing in the grand magnificence of it? If it is not, allow yourself to trust that is it coming…be neutrally aware of, but do not let yourself get caught in the outplay of the old, the fall of the miscreations. Witness, do not judge and have deep compassion for those recalcitrant souls who played their part. For they too are parts of this Divine play as opponents to be faced with honour – all the while you are holding a deep knowing of the true victor. Humility ensures you are radiating your truth from deep within; grace implores its execution with Divine intent and forgiveness cleans up the mess. And then all can be reset to original perfection.


From this humble, neutral vantage point…witness the miraculous unfoldment and inspired power plays as they come in waves. Keeping mentally informed is a just a small part of it; use your higher frequency receptors the most now to hear beyond the words, allow, identify and trust your feelings, listen to the still small voice within, trust your instincts, follow inner promptings, pay attention to your dream messages, move your morphing body, see with your inner sight, listen to the guidance of your soul. You are evolving ever closer, step by step, into a more magnificent expression of your Divinity. It is the perfect storm and the unfoldment of it is why you are here at this time. You have front row seats to the greatest show on Mother Earth. Witness it from that profound, awe-inspiring perspective…for you are the source, the player, the witness and the victor all at the same time! With a compassionate heart, you are also the opponent. Ensure that you do not miss a thing, for this Divinely-guided miracle of a million miracles is the exponential explosion required for the task! Enjoy your real and metaphoric popcorn and enjoy being all players in the play. Shakespeare was right to a point: all the world is a stage but we are way more than just a player!

从这个谦卑、中立的视角...见证不可思议的展开和启发人心的力量上演,随着它们一波波到来。保持消息的灵通只是一小部分;使用你更高频率的接收器去聆听言外之意,允许、识别、相信你的感受,聆听内在寂静微小的声音,相信你的直觉,跟随内在的敦促,关注梦境的消息,移动你蜕变中的身体,伴随着内在的眼睛去看,聆听灵魂的指引。一步一步地,你在越来越多地进化成自身神性更加宏伟的表达。这个完美的风暴和它的展开正是你此刻处于这里的原因。你有着地球母亲之上最大表演的前排座位。从那个深刻、令人敬畏的角度见证它...因为你在同一时间既是源头也是玩家、见证者和赢家。伴随着一颗富有同情心的心,你也是对手。确保自己不要错过任何东西,因为这个神圣引导的万中无一的奇迹是任务所需的指数爆发(exponential explosion)!享受你真正的隐喻的爆米花,享受成为戏剧中所有的角色!莎士比亚在某种程度上是对的:整个世界都是一个舞台,但我们不只是一个角色!

Above all, be loving with yourself and others. Witness that you have been where they are and, like an Earth Angel, love them unconditionally as they find their way through the tangled forest to the light. They have free will choice as you have, a sacred covenant of life on Earth. Let them have the right to choose. Do not judge their choices. Witness them with compassion. There are no winners and losers there, no right or wrong, good or bad. Let free will continue to guide them, especially at this sacred time. But for those who see you, return your gaze that they may know they have found an oasis of comfort, nourishment and encouragement that they are on course. Offer them unconditional love and provide for them – your fellow pilgrim – what is reasonable upon request. And then reassure them on their way. We all begin and end in the same place; the journey is the course why which we arrive. Envelope yourself in the same nourishment, peace and assurance, that whenever implored, there is plenty to tithe. Be the generator of whatever it is you require, for there is no force outside of you. You are an expression of the original free energy! Use it with confidence, power and grace.


Just like your long, arduous journey to this point, remember the alchemic power of patience. Divine timing is only a frustration when you are not aligned with it. Blind trust no longer requires strength and effort when you know who you are and you stay attuned to your own perfect love frequency. Get on about your business and you will find it becomes Divine business.


The time for wavering is over. As you can feel, everything is speeding up towards a Divine inevitability. Now is not the time to get frustrated and spin out. Stay the course. Generate your light and share it with the world. Show up with love and act with love. Pray for others to find their way. Do not get caught in the tales of the story that is unfolding, for it is far greater, far more spectacular, more miraculous and way more magnificent than any mere aspect.


And you, beloved, play a vital part in the whole. Ever in your service, we are,The Council of Light Within.



传导:Rebecca Couch

翻译:Nick Chan







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