If any of your relationships are struggling, the fastest way to shift it is to practice appreciation.


Remember the first flush of love? It is the deep appreciation you felt for the other that created the connection and space for love to expand and grow. It is not the love that fades over time, it is the appreciation.


Judgment perpetuates separation. Appreciation nurtures connection and supports the flow of both the giving and receiving of love. And the most wonderful thing happens. When a person feels appreciated, they want to give you their best, and they shine in their most beautiful light.


So if you are finding yourself in a difficult phase in your relationship with another, stop and take the time to acknowledge the strengths and positive attributes of that person. To do so is choosing to shift into an expansive and accepting energy that will support everyone in showing up as their highest version of self. Simply put, it is deciding to use your focus to water the flowers instead of the weeds. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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