I come on the wings of love! As you view your world from the area that you live in and then sweep your higher gaze across other countries and continents, it is quite clearly seen that another major shift in the collective consciousness is occurring. In the overall perspective, this consciousness field is getting a boost of higher frequency energies that is being imprinted with a new Earth reality template.


This energetic activity, through exponential reinforcement of the many who participate, makes it easier for people to break free from the limitations, illusions and constraints of the lower world patterns of thought and belief systems. It sets humanity free to see themselves in a new and more empowering Light where they are given a chance to step into and through doorways to new beginnings, explorations and experiences.


The wheel of progress is now turning towards the establishment of looking beyond what seems obvious and into new ways of perspective and previously unmanifest thought forms which come into play through the thinking of them. When this occurs, great advancements in every facet of human (and other) life on a planet come into a greater reality of manifestation. An individual can see and experience their relationship to the entirety of Creation in a more inclusive way.


The more they work on transforming self, the easier it will be to be sensitive to others and the more natural it becomes to relate in an inclusive way. Everyone is responsible for improving their own reality, everyone has the power to change things and learn how to make the world more livable and sustainable for everyone. Awareness, understanding and mutual respect for the role of all facets of life presented becomes a natural outcome of the expanded process.


It becomes of ever greater importance for the awakened ones to align with and attune to their integrated and higher aspects – for in the expanded world of dimensional reality it is essential to always be aware of who you are so that you instantly know an energy or thought form as “not who I am”. This begins a new level of training of one’s inner consciousness which can level the new playing field that is presenting itself. One needs to be cognizant of this fact.


Although it is true that we indeed are all One, in these beginning stages betwixt two realities, there are a multitude of energies of both polarities that are in full play during the shift into a greater, more refined consciousness. That which cannot rise higher because of its denseness is creating havoc in the world around them in the desperate attempt to regain control of that which is fading more each and every day. Remember, we are always at your side as you feel your way through this!


I AM St. Germain.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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