Greetings to You!From heart to heart in this moment we speak,I am KejRaj.The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart.Tune into the light within you.


向你问好!在这一刻我们心心相印地说话,我是 KejRaj。这里所表达的信息是我的观点,我的观点。因为所有的真理都在你的心里等着你。调整进入你内在的光。


Share The Truth




Today we have quite a few things to share.However,I will begin this update by saying that it is time now,more than ever,for those aware,for those truthfully informed,to do your part in supporting the president of the United States.




The Cabal(Illuminati)are doing all they can to turn America and the world against Donald Trump.And now they have also ordered their hollywood parasites(actors/actresses)to join in on the attack.




The time has come for YOU to speak,write and share your truth in every way possible.




It is a most difficult task to"free"sleepwalkers with the truth.So,if that cannot be achieved,"barricade"the sleepwalkers with your truth.




Virus Games




The coronavirus is not fake.However,the stories about it on the media are.




The virus itself is airborne.So you can wash not just your hands,but your entire body all day long.What is needed for protection from this virus is nothing but a strong immune system.




This virus did not come from food.First it was created in a laboratory.Financed by some of the most popular billionaires,who are now on the run.And than it was sprayed from satellites on many different cities,mainly Europe and North America.




The benevolent leaders of the world are all aware of this fact.And know exactly who is responsible for such action.




The gratitude goes to the Galactics for their intervention at neutralizing the majority of the virus and minimizing its overall impact on the planet and humanity.




The Cabals intended plans with the virus have backfired on them.You are to see signs of this in the coming days and weeks.




Moving Forward




You can expect more upheaval in the coming weeks and months as the higher light permeates the densest areas of the planet.




As the vibration continues to rise now faster than ever,the old is boiling and dissolving at rapid speed.




All these events must be looked at with positivity.The stronger and the higher the light quotient,the thinner the veil becomes.




The thinner the veil,the more we begin to see,the higher truth is revealed more and more.And the first steps towards open contact are to be taken.Contact with the GFL will begin on an individual level prior to mass contact.


面纱越薄,我们开始看到的就越多,更高的真相就会被揭示得越来越多。迈向开放接触的第一步是要采取的。与 GFL 的联系将开始在个人水平之前的大规模接触。


We must say that we are not too far from such events.Individual contact of course,but more importantly we are close to mass sightings of the Galactic Federation starships.




As with everything,the media will have questions for the leaders once these events unfold.




The benevolent leaders are expected to speak truth,for it can no longer be kept a secret.




That is all for today.From heart to heart,I am Kejraj!


今天就到这里,从心底里,我就是 Kejraj



資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/xinrenyuedu/36433.html




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