Dearest child, you are awakening into a brand new way of life.We know we have been saying this for quite some time in your world, but hear this truth. Life as you know it is about to change in much better and brighter ways. There are many days ahead of you when you will be welcomed into the fold of your universal family of light. Peace will prevail and all of the Angels will be in your sight. You will be able to see and hear loved ones from across the veil as the separation of worlds changes into one unified whole.




The decrease in vibrations as of late is an illusion designed to keep your hearts hoping and being disheartened for the much awakened change seems to be once again delayed. Such is not the case.




Rest assured, we are sending much support and helping to raise the vibrations of you, the human angelic race. For once upon a time, you were one in vibration and name with those you worship now this very day. For the Angels to which you reach out in friendship and companionship were at the beginning of this glorious play, the same as you, as they are today. For once you were able to communicate without words, thoughts and hearts flowing freely and lightness and darkness were one and the same. The confines of duality were not yet born in your consciousness dear child.




One stream of light moving with love as a constant in the universe.Wings outstretched and seeking to explore, the patterns of love creating more and more.




There are no limits in this universe. This is the realm of quantum energy magnifying and flowing back and forth –what you think about is what you create. There are no set outcomes at this stage. It is up to you to continue to create, each and every moment of every day. It is up to you, each one of you dear hearts full of love, to create the momentum for the changes to come. For each of you that holds love in your hearts tonight, will see that love multiplied a number of times. Keep on holding the love that you want to feel and soon you will see it displayed in the world.




For you are the beacons of hope, do not despair, for we are still here and the great change is now near.




With love in our hearts and arms open wide, we are the ones you are seeking to find, go within and connect with us, deep down inside, for we are the holiest of scribes, and we are your own divine souls –the highest vibration of life, the you that you are so looking for, your highest selves –let go and leave the rest behind. The past will be unburdened and cut loose from your light. Let it go. Let in the light, the future is yours dear children, to create.




Arch Angel Michael and the Legions of Light





通灵:Karen Vivenzio

翻译:Nick Chan




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