Your Co-Creator/Manifestation Gift is Your OWN elevator NOW for this Ascension.The more that this Gift is enhanced and purified by You,the more overall upliftment it provides for You and Your Divine Comrades,in the least,into Higher Timeline Experience.As always with any Ascension,on the Individual level,Your degree of incline depends upon Your Mastery of the anchors of the lower realms,the things that keep You attached to the lower timelines.




In this NOW,it is of utmost importance for ALL to purify their energetic fields and streams from any impurities of fear and let that space within Your Being,to be filled with Trust.You have reached such a level in Your Creation Prowess,that even the most minute aspect of fear,can distort Your reality and amplify the negative component of fear.And once again,We remind You,that the fear spectrum ranges from questioning to outright rage.It is the FEAR SPECTRUM that keeps You in the lower dimensions and keeps the veil intact to the degree that the fear has been Mastered.




Many of You have been recently tested on Your tenacity and resilience in regards to Divine simulated attacks upon You,as well as the Divine allowance of some futile lower-dimensional attacks upon You.These tests are in one part,the test of Your leadership roles,and most certainly not succumb to what is less than You,less than Divine Authority.As the Divine Leaders,You are,You are to not be waivered in Your Divine Authority,and every test leading up to that strengthens and assures this within Your Being.You are no longer human,You are transitioning away from that and are stepping into Your Divine Authority as You climb the ladder higher on this Ascension.Of course,the elevator is a little less tedious,and the elevator sometimes involves leaps of Fath,which is,Trust.Trust the Divine Plan,it is what empowers You at an accelerated rate and connects You back to Creator/Source.




Upon surrendering to Your Higher Divine Self and its role in this Divine Mission at this time,the path becomes clear,and very rapidly You know where to go.A detachment from the lower timelines is currently taking place and You will not be able to stay on those lower timelines,the advancement of Your physical Vessel will NOT allow it.As every moment in linear time goes by NOW,more and more of You are taking residence on the higher timeline,empowering this Higher Timeline even more.On this Higher Timeline is also where more of Your Prowess resides and further enhancement of Gifts,as well as new ones.You have attained the capacity of Divine Consciousness NOW which defies human logic at times,and You can no longer act nor react from a human logical perspective.The Higher Consciousness may also become confused when attempting to interact with the lower dimension thought of others,for simply,lower-dimensional thought and programming,no longer resonates,for that gap has widened considerably.Upon letting go of the lower reality,You take Your place in a layer that operates above the lower levels,like 4D,and take up a 5D existence where everything changes,is different,and in alignment with and towards the harmony that ALL wish for,and that You are here to Co-Create.


在此时向你们的高级神圣自我及其在这神圣使命中的角色投降后,道路变得清晰,而且非常迅速,你们知道要去哪里。一个来自较低时间线的分离正在发生,你们将不能停留在那些较低时间线上,你们的物质容器的前进将不允许它。随着线性时间的每一刻都在流逝,越来越多的你们正在更高的时间线上居住,赋予这个更高的时间线更多的力量。在这个更高时间线上,也是你的能力更多驻留的地方,并且进一步增强礼物,以及新的礼物。你们现在已经获得了神圣意识的能力,这有时违背了人类的逻辑,你们不能再从人类的逻辑角度行动或反应。当试图与他人的低维度思想互动时,高维度意识也可能变得混乱,因为简单地说,低维度思想和编程不再共鸣,因为这个差距已经大大扩大。一旦放弃了较低的实相,你就会在一个层面上取得你的位置,这个层面运作在较低的层面之上,比如4D,然后采取一个5D 的存在,在那里一切都在改变,是不同的,并且与所有人都希望的和谐一致,也就是你们在这里共同创造。


Love and Light








資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/lingxing/34899.html




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