Love is a beautiful combination of acceptance and connection. On this day that focuses on love, we celebrate your heart connections with you.




What if you don’t have a beloved in your life? You can still celebrate that connection because your soul always knows exactly how to connect with the energy of your next great love. Simply stop, still yourself, and feel their presence energetically. Honour their existence, and feel the love that already exists between the two of you!




The same it is for the loved ones you already know who may not be in close physical proximity to you on this day. Simply close your eyes, connect with them, and feel their loving embrace. Wrap them up in your love!




Dear Ones, the energy of love transcends time, space, and physicality. It is a glorious energy that can be acknowledged and shared in many different dimensions and ways, all of which are equally valid and beautiful.




While you are at it, why not open up and feel the immense love we have for you? This day is a day to honour and embrace the many different ways love can be felt and expressed, which, in turn, creates ripples of love across the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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