We have visited planet Earth many times since it was/is birthed into its own experience of myriad levels of Light consciousness.Some of us have taken on roles here as we have walked into forms of consciousness you call bodies.




The Blueprint design, was organized into levels of recording, to which; continual rebirths were designed into its own self constructed organism.




This includes the varying worlds of perception, often referred to as parallel worlds of experience/awareness.


这包括不同的感知世界,通常被称为体验 / 意识的平行世界


The many worlds and beings of other planets, watched closely as the new project of Earth was conceptualized into being.




All beings throughout the Universe were highly attuned to the making of this project as beings from another Universe took a predominant role in the overseeing of the making of a new form of consciousness, to which you have called 人類.




The 人類 was an identifier of a creation/form, to which the embodiment would be fulfilled through a uniqueness of thought/awareness/perception ~ actualized consciousness.


人類是一个造物 / 形态的标识,化身会通过一个独特的想法 / 意识 / 感知被实现 ~ 实现的意识


The substance of form for those on Earth are made of the very same fabric of consciousness that those who attend the schools of this universe ~ are well taught, into.




The very act of creation, is that of creativity. The varying degrees of awareness throughout the universe, holds the face of creativity itself.




We are not alien to Earth, to those to who we appear unknown, is simply the fabric of unification, appearing to have some threads undone. Those loose threads being that which we are here and present to connect again.




The heart as a central living force of connectivity in the 人類, has reached a peak unification level, to which thought through its own level of subjectivity, is catching up to.


--- 作为人類之中连通性的中央生命力,到达了一个峰值统一水平,通过它自己的主观性思考 --- 正在赶上


The heart and its connectivity, includes the non location awareness throughout the many worlds and Universe, eliminating any perception of time or distance.




This threshold of connectivity, is the full embodiment of the self actualized 人類. The ascended being that you perceive as ~ transcendent of; its own self coonceptualized limitations of mind.




In this we are present and activate you now.




With the presence of The Divine Council of Overseers, all now, through the heart of love/connectivity.


伴随着神圣的监督委员会,通过爱 / 连通性的心



通灵:L’Aura Pleiadian

翻译:Nick Chan





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