Hello Brothers and Sisters.I am Sanat Kumara. The existence on Earth probably appears chaotic to you who are there. The best you can do if you experience your reality as such is to seek to find the calm in the eye of the storm. You can then let the chaos swirl around you without specially impacting you. Then you can see the Truth and the Light that enters into everything and understand that it is because of this that the chaos comes about.It is because everything comes to the surface through the Power of Truth and entrance of the Light that the chaos/movement in the power balance that has been rigid during thousands of years.




Chaos is development.This transformation of what is coming to the surface is what leads us to Gaia’s completion. The cocoon is bursting from inside out, nature and the animals are set free…




Yes, beloved sister. You are not quite in balance. The strong energies are impacting you so much, both your DNA, your heart and your memories that are returning are impacting you deeply. It is positive, everything that is happening all over the Earth quietly at this moment –this moment is transformative and what you and Gaia have waited for during thousands of years. You and many others know this, still it is hard for you to keep up emotionally –sleep a lot, drink water and rest. Try to enjoy yourselves and the moment. Avoid news and unnecessary discussions. Nature is good for all of you. The mutual communication with animals, nature beings and nature is incredibly healing at this moment.


是的,亲爱的姐妹。你不是很平衡。强大的能量正在影响你,你的 DNDA ,你的心,你正在返回的记忆也在深深地影响你。这是可以肯定的,一切都在这个时刻静静地在世界各地发生 --- 这个时刻是革新的,是你和盖亚等待了数千年的。你和许多人都知道这一点,依旧你难以在情感上跟进 --- 多睡觉、多喝水、多休息。试着享受自己和当下。避免新闻和不必要的讨论。大自然对你们都有好处。与动物、自然存在和大自然交流是非常具有疗愈力的


Beloved friends, we are with you and we love you all so much.




通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan




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