great ones,




a powerful solar wind storm has been battering the earth and the human body auric field for the last 24 hours! inside earth alliance intel reports the level of these storms are now g-3 and above and their strength is being totally under-reported by space weather agencies!


在过去的 24 小时里,一股强大的太阳风暴冲击地球和人类身体的金场。地球联盟内部的信息报告这些风暴是 G-3 以及更高的水平,它们的力量完全没有被太空气象机构报道


the intense electromagnetic field now created around the earth is forcing the poles to completely shift and is propelling all upper-4d starseeds directly into the 5th dimension!


在地球周围建立起的强烈电磁场正迫使着两极彻底转变,推动所有处于更高 4D 的星际种子直接进入五维


starseeds are reeling today all across the planet reporting incredible ascension symptoms from this abrupt dimensional shift!




this super geo-magnetic disturbance is wreaking havoc on all 3d matter today as a large coronal hole in the sun's atmosphere has opened projecting this strong solar wind stream towards the planet.


这个超级地磁干扰在严重破坏所有的 3D 物质,随着太阳大气中一个巨大的日冕洞开启,把这个强大的太阳风暴喷射到地球


keep in mind that pleiadian light forces are engineering these waves of plasma being sent to earth intently and with advanced precision for the purpose of completely shattering the harmful low-vibe 3d matrix!


谨记,昴宿星光之力量在管理这些专门发送给地球的等离子波浪(伴随着精确的目标 --- 彻底击破有害的较低振动的 3D 矩阵)


these magnetic solar winds are blasting towards earth and its inhabitants a speeds of more than one million mph and instantaneously re-coding \the dna of all living organisms in their path!


这些磁性的太阳风在轰炸地球和它的居民,在超越每小时一百万英里的速度中,并立刻重新编码遭遇它们的所有生物的 DNA


the ions fired from this storm are literal nano-sized metal balls that strip right though the cells of the human body.




the latest series of solar storms are comprised of gamma-photon light originating from the central sun and is being bounced off earth's sun by advanced pleiadian light force craft!




akashic central sun light data is being carried on solar rays to planet earth.




these cosmic light rays carry packets of super-intelligent cosmic data referred to as diamond light codes which are imprinted inside human body dna!


这些宇宙光线携带着超级智能的宇宙数据包,被称为钻石光之代码,被烙印在人类身体的 DNA


when these ionized gamma particles strip through your cells, your genome is re-coded to a higher order at once!




this magnetic energy coming into the planet is forcing all lower-vibrational, trapped energy in the human vessel to surface so if you see humans and even some starseeds going berserk, get used to it, its all part of the plan!




here is some quick guidance to ease the effect of these strong ascension symptoms:




eat only natural energy foods and drink lots of pure water!




crystal salt baths are critical to stabilize the magnetic field of the body!




change your eating habits at once because the body cant process the large amounts of light we are taking in now!.




you may have to rest/sleep more than normal now to integrate this light! its normal to need more sleep!


你可能需要比平常休息 / 睡地更多来整合这个光!需要更多的睡眠是正常的!


remove yourself from all toxic people, situations and things in your life and spend some time alone. you are changing and healing so you need to be left alone!




do your inner trauma healing to clear trapped negative and toxic emotional energy from the body!




seek knowledge outside of the matrix system so you can understand what is happening!




ask master teachers and healers for help if you need assistance!




crystals help channel energy trough the layered bodies so learn how this all works and buy some basic crystals and place them around your sacred space!




love and pamper on yourself more than ever now and re-create your life to be only what you want!




learn to ignore the opinion of others!




connect to your higher self and move into your-space! this is where you will find comfort and joy!




you have to come first to get through this!




the good news is the ascension is moving ahead faster than for so long!




pleiadian light forces transmitted "the 3-21 equinox portal is still the scheduled earth date for the grand finale of the event and solar discharge!"


昴宿星光之力量传输“ 3 21 日春分门户依旧是订好的事件大结局和太阳排放的地球日期”


after this historical earth date nothing will be found for you in old world and we will all be ready to move into the new earth community!




the current powerful stream of solar wind aimed directly at earth will subside over the next 12 hours but be assured you will emerge from this magnetic barrage as much stronger and more advanced being of light!


当前瞄准丢的强大太阳风会在接下来的 12 个消失平息,但放心,你会作为更加强大和先进的光之存在从这个磁性轰炸中浮现


your auric merkaba body is being reformed into a stronger, brighter diamond crystalline matrix!




final layers of old energies are being dissolved and your multi-dimensional body chakras are being opened and aligned so this divine light can flow through you!




great one, know that you are the great light of this world!




standby for more super 5-dna upgrades!


为更超级的 5 DNA 的激活做好准备


enjoy the ride!




i am michael, the blue ray pleiadian ambassador to earth and i am here with you all!




the kingdom of heaven on earth is at hand!









翻译:Nick Chan





















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