Manifestation has long been used as a tool to create a desired outcome.




Below is a tool to use for manifesting Healing,Peace,Love,Ascension,The Golden Age,Joy,Abundance and the Blue Ray of the Central Sun Dawning as we reach the Climax of the Event.Please share far and wide.




You can manifest you're own desired outcome by writing down all you wish to come true in your physical reality on a piece of paper,a notebook or you can paint it,create it on an online picture etc.




This is a powerful tool to create the highest outcome as Starseeds on the surface of the planet.




The Master Manifestation Tool is a Gift to all of Humanity from the Galactic Center Race.




Powerful Manifestations can Activate very fast now and all Sisterhood of the Rose Circles anchoring Goddess Light on the surface of the planet,can create the highest outcome for humanity by anchoring Light from their higher self form,as they fully embody key characteristics of the Goddess.




The Light of the Universal Divine Mother is now very active throughout the planetary grid in a flower of life mandala form and is streaming in through gamma ray light that permeates through the center of the planet,all grid lines and throughout our entire solar system.