We are the Interplanetary Councils here to lend our light today. We are light, we were love, we are within the requirements of your decree (to only accept 5th dimensional messages and above, with the approval of Father & Mother God and my HS). For too long have we watched and waited for our opportunity to assist the humans and now vibrationally they are ready for us to assist. But we will assist subtly through these messages and their energetic encodements within (first).




Life on Earth for the humans has been a puzzle with pieces missing without a clear picture or a guide. It has been a challenge to say the least to remember who you are amidst all of the interferences with the dark. Bind the dark and send them love. It is the only way. But you need not be manipulated any longer. For your time has come to shine, to be the beacons of love light through out the galaxy, pointing the way towards home, towards remembering, transforming your Milky Way galaxy into a realm of peace, for it has long been a place of disturbance of the force. Much of the legends of your Star Wars saga are within the realm of truth. For you are remembering the intergalactic wars, you are reliving your destruction of planetary home worlds and many of you are you continually reliving this cycle of loss. It is time to break this memory cycle of pain and of loss, of guilt and of shame that you could not do more. Be free of this as it is clogging up your inner work.




This quadrant is to be free of the quagmire of the dark. The light is bombarding the dark and the dark is no match for the light. For although yes, you are in the thick of it with your human bodies and your human experiences, you are also anchoring quite well this higher dimensional energy and light when you read / type these words. For all is vibration and naturally you would be becoming in tune with whatever you are reading or studying. It is the natural process of things. This is why some of you cannot finish certain messages and are drawn to others. It is based on your vibration and your truth detector.




Many of you serve on various councils and boards through out this system, for there is much to coordinate - much activity and planning - here going on behind the scenes. We are here to assure you with these words that you are beyond protected. That you are safe and secure, should you choose this reality, and we encourage you to do so. Fight the dark ones with light, with your flame, with your truth and with your love. And know that we have your backs. The wave is coming, we have slowed it a bit so that the cosmic timing is optimal. Be at peace and patient about this human kinds, for it is always wise and best to trust the Mother’s divine timing and divine purpose. The physical changes that you are currently feeling are simply the result of your body systems reintegrating the new and improved higher energies that are entering through the Stargate of your son, Sol. Sol is how we all get in and out quickly into your quadrant. Many of you will remember, for you have been through Sol many times in many forms, as you all have been on the forefront of the Earth ground crew team for eons - a long while.




Anchor the love light and display it to each other in your greetings with a warm smile and energetic greeting. Send your own personal wave of love in greeting. It is easy to do. It is a natural thing for us ‘up here’ in the higher realms. We assure you, we are working and strategizing nonstop for your benefit. No longer accept isolation as a reality for this is now shattered. Earth is surrounded by her allies and is supremely protected. As are you, light worker ground crew, as are you.




We are the Interplanetary Councils extending our greeting and our love light to you this day. We leave in peace. We are. You are. We are one.





翻译:Nick Chan





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