We are here today with a message for the Collective as the Sirian Brotherhood of Light. This is the first time we have connected with this channel, and we are so pleased to be here with you today transmitting this message.




We are here to say now that we are ready to merge with you and create with you once again. For we see that the vibrations of the planet and you, as a human collective, have been raised high enough for this to happen. And we have long awaited this moment. And we are here in great joy to be with you again.




We, the Brotherhood of Light, have worked behind the scenes for quite some time, waiting, planning and watching to see what we can do to assist you. And now that the time has come, we are here and we are ready to connect with you.




The first thing we would like to help you remember is how to work with the codes of the Sun. Not only our own Sun, but also your Sun and the Great Central Sun. You can consciously connect to these Sun energies and receive codes and activations through one or all of these Suns. For this is how we power up our systems, shall we say, using the Sun's energies. And this is how we communicate and teleport and travel through these very energies. And so we would love to assist you in helping you remember how to do this.




You can start by facing your own Sun and opening up your hearts to receive the codes and activations that come through that beautiful Being. You may not see it, feel it or understand it, but allow it to be. And as you stand there, allow your heart center to expand and swell and your auric field to expand and swell, and your Higher Mind to receive the information that is coming through. Consciously do this as many times as it comes into your awareness, and you will notice a change, not only in your energy level physically, but also your etheric energy level will increase as well.




Now if you would like to communicate with us, you can do so with a mere thought coming from your heart, but you can also consciously connect to the Sun, to us, triangulating this beautiful circuit of energy.




We are here to assist you with these new types of technologies, but we can also simply help you expand and open your heart centers because we are here in love. If you send us a message wanting to open your heart with this expansion, we will hear you, and we will from our end work with you on this. And again if you do not see or hear or feel anything, know that it is happening. But if you do connect with one of your sentient gifts or spiritual gifts, then notice what you see, hear or feel. And then next time you connect with us, consciously connect to that sight, hearing or feeling.




We have been in the Earth's atmosphere in our ships for quite some time. But we will come closer if that is what you desire, and as the vibration of the Planet rises, you will begin to see us with your physical eyes. And as we come closer, there may be some fear that comes up in actually seeing what you call a spaceship. However, if you encounter a block of fear, we will work with you on that. We will never push our agenda or our presence on you. So know that you will see us and hear us and feel us when you are ready.




Once again we would like to say we are so excited to be connected with you, and to create with you once again. And we are here in love and service to Creator, as you are.




And know that All is Well, and you have done an outstanding job in awakening, remembering and being all who you are and who you came here to be, each and every one of you.




We stand ready with you now to create in Love, and we will be back with another message. That is all.




通灵:Kalia Diya

翻译:Nick Chan

天狼星光之兄弟会 20180826 我们已准备好与你连接








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