原创 新纪元扬升之光 2018-05-09


 Mother Gaia and Mother Mary By galaxygirl




Hello children! I am your Mother Gaia, here sending my loveand light to you. Picture the ocean with a rocky shore. Picture the wavespounding the rocks. The rocks stand firm, stay strong, and provide much shelterfor the tender fragile creatures seeking refuge between them. You call them tidepools. I call them safe havens, love pools if you will. Anyway, they are one ofmy favorite places upon me. For they comfort, they nurture, they protect. It istime for you all, my children, to please take a lesson from the pounding waves,the strong rocks and the protected creatures nestled within and between andunder them. Protect me. Protect my kingdoms. Protect your children. Protect mychildren. You all listening to these words are becoming my protectors. Idesperately need you for as my body is changing and rising, much support for mewill be needed. Ground into me and as you support me, your support yourselves,the collective. For we are one planetary body. We are one. I am your MotherGaia. I see you, humanity. I see your woundings - do you see mine? It is timethat we heal together as one. I am always here for you. Are you here for me?Assist and ground your energetic upgrades deep into my crystal core and we willboth be strengthened. I love you and I send the ocean spray of eternal comfortto your tired faces, freshening up your sweet faces and cool sand to sootheyour tired hot feet, my transmuting friends. We are one. We are one! I am yourMother Gaia. Thank you for your service to me.





Hello, children. I am your Mother Mary. I too am here tonightwith my beloveds and I am sending whispers of love for you all and energeticsupport sending the pink rose petals of comfort towards your weary forms now.Ah, there, can you catch one? Can you catch a petal of love sent from heaven toyou? Place it in your heart space and breathe a sigh of relief, of comfort andknow that we are tangibly near to you, ever present, ever caring, guiding,supporting you on your own ascension journey. I see you children. I seewarriors with sore feet and a sparkle in their eye and strong hearts of hopeand of promise. I see the real you. You are much more than this little humanbody, that may be frail and feeling old. You are eternal. You are an eternalbeing of light, with Gods spark and promise, with Source’s laughter and loveall wrapped up into one great cosmic being of strength, of power, of purposeand of longevity - with a myriad of intensely emotional experiences to drawupon. You are wise, way beyond your understanding, way beyond your years. Youare God, just as I am. We are one. It is time to become comfortable with thisidea of oneness, of the god sparks that lie within each of you. You are creatorgods of the highest order, of the highest caliber and oh children, I am soproud of you. Think of me when you see pink, the pink ray of love and light andof new beginnings, and be comforted deeply in your core. I am your Mother Mary.You children, are so loved and supported.






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