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Selamat Balik.Let us resume our look at what is happening around your world. The dark'sunrelenting arrogance, which is not permitting it to face your new and growingreality, is further allowing the Light filter in behind them. This is making itpossible for the Light to merge in new and better coalitions, which are alsoallowing prosperity to break out of the endless delays caused by the dark. TheGalactic Federation is stepping up its penetration of the growing flaws in thedark cabal's old strategies. The GF has realigned a number of defense fleetsand assigned them closer to the Earth. These forces have consistently defeatedthe dark whenever it has chosen to hold to its position of power and fight. Thesituation is now reaching the critical point when the dark can no longer chooseto resist. It is desperately attempting to find some ploy that will workeffectively against the Light. The cabal is losing ships and personnel, adilemma that is taking a toll on its sense of power.


Selamat Balik! 天狼星语,衷心欢迎。让我们继续看看在你们的世界上在发生着什么。黑暗力量不屈不挠的傲慢自大,让它们无法面对你们成长中的新现实,正在让光从它们背后渗入。这使得光的力量融合成更好的新联盟成为可能,这也使得繁荣可以摆脱黑暗力量造成的无尽拖延。银河联邦正越来越多地穿透黑暗阴谋集团旧策略的不断增长的裂缝。银河联邦已经重新部署了许多防御舰队并把它们部署得离地球更近。无论何时黑暗力量选择抓住其权力位置不放并反抗,这些力量就已经持续地击败它们。局势现在已经达到关键点,黑暗力量已经无法再选择抵抗。它正在绝望地企图寻找一些策略可以有效地反抗光的力量。阴谋集团正在损失飞船和人员,一个进退两难的境地给它们的权力感造成巨大伤害。


   Thus the dark is attempting to uncover a newstrategy for its battles to allow them to maintain control. This likewise iscreating serious losses in the dark's defensive and offensive forces. They arerealizing that they can no longer maintain their control and persist indelaying your evolution. The Light is embarking on a mopping-up operation toclear the way for inevitable victory. It appears to us that the long-awaiteddispersal of promised prosperity is inching closer to being realized everyminute of every passing day. The forces of Light are weaving in a new approachthat is proving quite successful. This strategy will ultimately bring forthmany new developments…the revaluation of currencies, gold backed money, GCR,disclosure, release of technologies, first contact, etc.




   We are in the transition phase from dark toLight. This increase in Light is also slowing down changes that are manifestingon Gaia. The dark is using earthquakes, weather wars, chemtrails, fires, amongothers, to destroy the planet and her people. Recent changes are enabling theLight to slow down these calamitous earth events that the cabal is bent oncontinuing. When NESARA/GESARA is formally in place, all the dark'sskullduggery will be stopped in its tracks. Once this occurs, Lightworkers willbe called upon to step in and rebuild a world based on cooperation, harmony andpeace. More is taking place behind the scenes than could ever be reported inyour many news outlets.




   Another ongoing issue is the path of Syriaand North Korea towards peace. Although the old tried-and-true war rhetoric isnot working as it once did, the cabal continues to use war as a fear-mongeringtool to keep the masses in a panic. Behind the scenes, peace talks are reachingthe point where agreements are forming. With them, reasons for announcingNESARA/GESARA compliance become much more evident to those who understand whatis actually going on. When researching your planet's current events, weencourage you to use discernment. This new peaceful and harmonious world isbeginning to manifest in place of the past threats of burgeoning war thatseemed inevitable. Now much of it can be avoided. Keep visions of peace at theforefront of your daily meditations.




   Blessings, we are your Ascended Masters. Wecome at the beginning of a new era in your history. The dark and its misery arefinally beginning to fade from reality. In turn, the Light is beginning toreveal how strong it has become. All understand that a whole sequence of newrelationships is forming. The dark ones are scrambling to find a way to haltthe Light. In this new realm we are witnessing peace talks that, until now, hadbeen considered folly. This new coalition of Light is bringing about the downfallof those who, in the name of the dark, formerly obstructed or delayed your risein consciousness. Thus, we have amassed powerful coalitions of previouslyunlikely allies, which are organizing a dauntless and tenacious force thatcannot, and will not, be ignored.




   Now, this new landscape of the Lighthearkens to all a new, victorious and prosperous day. Now, it is possible tobegin to see just how the new prosperities are to come about. It is this thrustforward that is at the core of all that is unfolding. As the Light gathersstrength, the dark sees its old ways swiftly vanishing. Divide and conquer nolonger works. This truth brings joy to us, and Victory to the Divine Plan. Asthe list of indictments grows, the dark finds they no longer can survive thegrowing consciousness of humanity. It is becoming an annihilation of those whoonce ruled with such breathtaking arrogance. The days of their unholy rule arecoming to an end. Hallelujah!




   We are approaching a new era when whatremains of the dark is meant to quickly disappear. We Masters are heartened bywhat is now manifesting around your world. As the dark's ways grow thinner, itis becoming clear who will be victorious. It is the Light, and what we standfor ? freedom, prosperity, peace and new governance. Formal announcements arewaiting in the wings to be proclaimed. Hang on, and watch what the winds blowin…a new galactic society. The old ways of division, separation and war nolonger work. In their stead is the expansion of our new Unity consciousness.After a slow beginning, it is picking up its collective speed and strength.Hooray for the onset of a brand new day! Nonetheless, you have experienced fartoo many delays and frustrations. The time approaches for this new way to beformally deployed. Know that this coming new age of prosperity and this timefor global peace are to be witnessed by all.




Today, weaddressed some of the elements leading up to events that are to alter yourworld for the better. It is essential that you stay positive. We urge you tolet go of your continuing sense that either nothing is shifting or that somehowthe coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen.Overcome this disbelief and know that your realm is in the throes oftransforming! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-endingProsperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!(Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


今天,我们谈及了一些通向会使你们的世界变得更好的元素。你们保持正面是必不可少的。我们催促你们放掉你们那种要么什么都没变的感觉要么无论怎样即将到来的社会、经济或金钱变化都不可能发生的感觉。克服这种怀疑,并知晓你们的领域正处在转化的剧痛中!亲爱的人们,请知晓天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)









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