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I comeon the wings of love! You who frequent the Scribe’s website are those who seekto stay connected to the higher realms in God’s multi-faceted andmulti-dimensional kingdoms. You are on the path of self-mastery and thisEarthly lifetime is one you as Eternal Soul have chosen in order to completeyour soul lessons while living and experiencing the exhilaration of pittingyourself against the opposing forces that one has found here on Earth. Thisphase of Earth’s existence is coming to an end in the next twenty years or so.Souls who wish to further experience duality after this time will have to findanother planet to do so.




Youhave been downloading, assimilating and integrating the higher cosmic energiesthat are streaming onto the Earth’s atmosphere at a more accelerated pace thanever before and this becomes a catalyst for your transformation into becoming adivine human living here on Earth. As our Scribe has found in her personal journey,the more Light and higher frequency she attains and sustains, the deeper thecleansing that occurs within her as a result. We want you all to realize thatthere will be an end to this process once all clearing has taken place. Thenyour life will take a magical turn for the better and you will find yourselfliving in grace.




Theultimate goal is to have a clear consciousness and a purified human operatingsystem and to walk your individual path with self-discipline. To attain theawareness that you are not separate but a part of everything that is in God’screation. Then realizing that you can make a difference by becoming apracticing alchemist who turns the ‘lead’ of the lower planes into the ‘gold’of an enlightened consciousness connected to a higher, more expanded version ofyourself. To be the best and highestmanifestation of your Eternal Soul while incarnate here on Earth. To have amore expanded perspective and view of life on Earth and its reason and purpose.




Thisrequires you as a student of the Masters to sincerely seek to elevate yourthoughts to more refined levels than has been previously expressed. It requiresone to become Divine love and Light in daily expression; it requires diligencein one’s observation of one’s habitual patterns of thinking and doing and makingthe self corrections where necessary in order to change one’s life for thebetter. You who read these words understand that it is not just the reading ofthe words that make one ‘spiritual’ but the daily practice of these conceptsthat gradually make the changes one desires to make.




Weapplaud you all! You are doing your very best each day to live your life insuch a way as to become the most perfect version of yourself on all levels ofyour being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When eachperson aspires to achieve this end, they eventually arrive at a place wherethey are whole and complete within themselves. This brings a sense of joy andfreedom to the practitioner and expands their horizons in wonderfully creativeand lofty ways. And this brings the realization that you are no longer astudent of life but a co-creator with the divine and can manifest a magnificentlife if you choose. Keep on keeping on and know that we are ever with you asyou daily walk your soul path.



Until next month…



I AMHilarion









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