原创 2017-12-09 抹大拉的玛利亚 新纪元扬升之光

Mary Madalenevia Aurora Juliana Ariel, December 8th, 2017



We comeduring the Holy Days to initiate you into the Christic Light. Activating theheart center and the Divine Codes within your DNA, we bring you intoremembrance. As you step more fully into who you are, so much of who you arenot falls away. This is the time when you change completely. When even your DNAis altered so that you are resonant with the Divine Frequencies raising allinto a Golden Age of Light. As you come into the rarefied field of your DivineSanity… you find that the life you once lived was so small compared to theglorious being that you are. As you come into full recognition of your LIGHT,your Majesty and Grace, you find the human programs no longer can take hold.What others say about you will not matter. You will know yourself absolutelyand stand resolute in the Truth of who you are.

在这神圣的日子里,我们前来把你们引领到基督之光里。激活心的中心和你 DNA 内的神圣代码,我们把你们带入回忆里。当你们更充分了解自己是谁时,你们中的很多人都不会再沦落。这是你们彻底改变的时候。当你的 DNA 被改变时,你就会与神圣的频率共振,把所有的一切都提升到一个光的黄金时代。当你进入你神之心智的纯净领域……你发现你以往的生活和你此时的辉煌相比是微不足道的。当你充分认识到你的光,你的庄严和优雅,你会发现人类的编程已不复存在。别人对你的评价并不重要。你会完全了解自己,坚定地彰显出你的本质。


SelfRecognition was an Alchemical Key in the Temple we served in. It is a lost art,as the souls of humanity clamor to attain false identities and to weave falsestories about themselves. Who on Earth is standing in their Truth, knowingabsolutely who they are? We, the Priestesses of the ChristicLight, who served in the ancient temple in Egypt, sought to bring our light toa dark era. Jesus was one of the initiates of the temple. A High Priest finallyin his own right, yet one of many who served the LIGHT in our community. Thathe was singled out and a story woven about his history and ours to create afalse fear based religion, is one of the tragedies of our time. Now, today, thetruth is being revealed. Those that lusted after the power the priestesses heldand sought to wrest it from them so they could be the power behind the thrones,must be shown forth in the light of day. For it is time! Time for the truth ofthe Feminine Spirit to light the way for all humanity. To guide them back tothe Authentic Self. To lead them to the Fount of Truth, which is within. As theChristic Light is activated within you, you may remember what truly took placein these ancient times. The tragedies that ensued as the Dark Ones took hold ofthe religions of the world, and became a dominant doctrine binding souls in afalse reality.




We come tobreak the bonds that have kept souls unfree. To unleash the Christic Light thathas been a latent seed in the psyche of humanity waiting for this time to beactivated and nourished… so that the mass ascension can take place in all itsglory. We come to initiate you into the Sacred Mysteries we held dear… that wefostered in our community with principles we lived by. To transfer that Earthexperience to you, so you can know that the Sacred Life is available to you,even in the midst of this busy world. You can rise into the glory of yourDivine Self and walk the Earth as a God Free being. Today we assist you to makea leap into that greater reality and as you replay our message, even more lightwill be released to you, as the activations, clearings, and healing willcontinue for you, your loved ones and all humanity.




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