In order to change your earth into an Eden again, you have to do one thing, and that is to put down your weapons. The greatest weapon you have is your own mind.




Jesus says in the Course in Miracles, that all comes from the energy of your mind. You are the director, you are the actor and you are the sufferer or the winner in all that you produce. What you are producing by angering yourself at the behaviour of others is an internal war within your own mind, however since all are connected, this war is being fought between aspects of the whole mind of humanity on earth - you and another or other parties you attack with your thoughts.


耶稣在行使奇迹的时候说过,一切都来自头脑的能量。你是导演,你是演员,你是受害者,你也是赢家。通过对他人的行为表达愤怒你在自己的头脑中生成了一个内在的战争,而因为一切都是相连的,这个战斗在人类头脑的面向之间发起 --- 你和他人或者其它派别,你伴随着你的思想攻击


Put down your weapons and create peace upon your earth. Teach yourself not to get angry at others for what they do as everyone is doing their part at any given time of the day or night to rebalance your world into one of the Light again. It seems like cold comfort to say that "everyone is trying their best" when their best never seems to be good enough for you, but they are trying their best. Others are doing their best to anger you, to show you where you require change. Don't anger yourself at the other victims; love them and keep working to remove the perpetrators in your Now.




You've been taught to deal with life incorrectly. The fact is, life is always about love. It's your misuse of it to hate and to fear that makes your life difficult.




Those who hunt animals are still enjoying primal instinctive pleasures from long ago, when your people did that, and they are not to be hated but an attitude of understanding is to be offered: they are of lower consciousness, responding to instinct and eventually they will stop hunting as they won't need to anymore.




Understand your world now is comprised of two different types of humans: homo divinicus and homo sapiens and homo sapiens is slated for extinction as your souls evolve.


明白,你们的世界现在由两种人组成:神性觉醒( homo divinicus )的人和普通人( homo sapiens ),普通人就要灭绝,随着你们的灵魂进化


Understanding, not attacking, is the way to evolve. Others will attack, they will even attack you. They will do things to you that you don't like. Have as little to do with them as possible, surround yourself with like-minded others and evolve together in love. However, forgive those who do what you call wrong. Nothing is wrong. It is all for the love of Ascension.




Your world is so dark right now and we can only remove as many of the dark ones as you can hold the opposing Light. We are moving you forward, holding off the higher energies that you can't align with; this is a delicate process and keeping an unbalanced world from destroying itself is our priority now. You require the dark now in order to be able to ascend. With no dark ones, there would be no incentive to ascend in frequency.




Lay down your weapons. Your minds that attack others in futility. Understand that it's not human to attack another human - it's more reptilian, and you have been programmed in their ways.


放下你的武器。你的头脑在毫无意义地攻击他人。明白这不是一个人在攻击另一个人 --- 更多的是爬虫族,你被他们编程


I love you as always




通灵:Sharon Stewart

翻译:Nick Chan




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