Eight hours ago the earth alliance received a major,akashic download from light forces docked in our solar system!




This data is being decoded as we speak!




The data decoded so far contains important information regarding the imminent occurrence of the event2020 and the grand solar flash!




In this transmission,the pleiadians say"the starseeds of earth will start having strong visions of the light that is coming to the planet!"




"as the great time of the earth draws closer,the children of the earth will begin speaking about it and writing about it all around the world and it will be a phenomenon that is witnessed by all!"




"when the great light comes,a planetary freedom celebration will breakout all across the globe and the new 5d earth will be made manifest!"




If you noticed,there has been an energetic lull in the etheric realms over the last 12 days!Just know that some dimensional chaos just had to settle a bit!




Light forces say,"do not judge by what you think you see because a major shift is about to occur on planet earth!





We ask you to tune the noise around you out,sit quietly,and tune into spirit to clearly see the grand light and planetary shift that is coming to this world!





Have hope and know that the great time of the earth has come!Know that angelic forces are here en-masse helping guide the grand evolutionary ascension of humanity!





**moderate ascension symptoms are being reported globally by the starseeds of earth as dimensions continue to clash!**




Feeling out-of-phase is the next most common symptom being reported!




Also many starseeds feel like they have the flu and after being tested there is no flu!




The layered human body system is undergoing major cellular changes right now as it adapts to the powerful,high-frequency cosmic energies that have been coming into the planet!




Light forces say just slow down a bit and get plenty of rest until these changes in your dna are complete!




The earth alliance reports that galactic activity will begin moving into high gear over the next 72 hours as energies start increasing!




Everyone wants to see some signs,some action,and some actual positive change on earth and the great beings have said,"look up,you will be surprised!"




Standby for planetary broadcast!




Until then,let us know what ascension symptoms or life changes you may be experiencing




All hands on deck!








原文來自: https://www.facebook.com/MICAHLIGHTANGEL

資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/zhuixindongtai/34944.html




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