Ivo: You believe in fear. Hence you create it. You were taught to believe in fear by others who also believed. However, you are a being of love and light and fearing is not one of your normal states.


Ivo: 你相信恐惧。因此你创造它。你被相信恐惧的人教导去相信恐惧。不管怎样,你是一个爱与光的存在,恐惧并不是你的一个常态


You are living an abnormal existence. Not only are you in a state of separation vis-a-vis the physical body, you also are in states of fear, which predominate in your life and run it. You work because you fear having lack. Even some working experience lack still…. so working is not the solution, I would say.




What is the solution for lack, then? To lose your fear of it and to tap into your naturally abundant state. Awareness is key. Sharon writes down daily fears she has about lack and then asks for them to be healed. We are with you. We of the Light want to help you through this. You are not doing this alone, nor were you ever.




Again, because you experience separation in your physical bodies, you believed that you were alone.You experienced abandonment. Many lightworkers remember lives of being loved, either outright or just remembering the essence of these lives, but nonetheless you remember. So to come to earth and to feel alone is to feel abandoned. You have help. You always did.




Stop believing fear is even possible in your life. Eradicate these thoughts for once and for all, and refuse to allow them back into your mind. It can be done. It has been. Love is much stronger than anything that does not exist, such as fear.




You can create fear because of your belief in it. So create love, abundance and happiness instead.




Fear does not exist in the fifth dimension. I do not feel fear. Your world is still at lower frequencies, however fear can still be eliminated within the individual who chooses to do so.





翻译:Nick Chan




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