Greetings Beloved Ones,




WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss the energy of forgiveness.




The topic of forgiveness has been discussed for many years as a component of spirituality. However, it can also be viewed from an energetic perspective.




Today, we would like to approach forgiveness from an energetic standpoint. Life and creation are made up of energy. This energy remains in an unmanifested form until it is shaped by your thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, and actions.




You may experience this energy taking shape as a word or an action, or you may feel it as an emotion or a thought.Regardless of the form it takes, it is composed of energy. When you are having a thought or an emotion or taking an action, you are sending out energy.




If the thought or action is positive, the energy carries a high vibration. However, if it is done with an angry or hurtful intention, it likely carries a lower vibration. Both the sender and the receiver are affected by the vibration.




The energy of the action remains in the vibrational field of both the sender and the receiver until it is resolved.




Forgiveness is one way to transmute this lower vibrational energy and replace it with a higher form.




If an action was done to you and the sender asks for forgiveness, they have likely recognized the mistake of the action and would like to rectify it. Their request for forgiveness usually carries a higher energetic vibration than the act that previously occurred.




When you receive a request for forgiveness, you have the option either to forgive or to refuse the request.Your response has a direct impact both on you and the other person.




When you forgive someone, you are acting from a higher energetic point. This helps to neutralize the lower vibrational energy that occurred earlier. You are releasing any resentment about the situation that you are carrying. This allows the other person to release any lower energy they are carrying due to their words or actions. As this lower vibrational energy is released, both the sender and the receiver are able to raise their vibration by focusing on Love and forgiveness. This allows both parties to move forward.




Even if the person does not ask for forgiveness, you can forgive them energetically. This clears your energy and opens the door for resolution of the situation.




If you are the one who needs to ask for forgiveness, you are taking a step forward by recognizing that your words or actions were not for highest good. You are offering an olive branch of peace when you ask for forgiveness.




If the other person grants your request, you can both move forward.However, if the other person is not ready to forgive, that is their choice and free will. But you have taken the first step to resolve the situation. Your energy field is clearer as a result. You can remain open to future resolution and send Love to the recipient. The act of asking for forgiveness and sending Love allows your Energetic Signature to rise to a higher harmonic.




When the act of sending or receiving forgiveness occurs, the vibration around both parties rises.




If you are able to look beyond the emotions of the situation and determine what occurred to cause it, you can gain insights and resolve to choose a different and higher vibrational course of action the next time. This allows you to move forward on your ascension path.




When you set your intention for your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions to be in harmony for the highest good of all, you are more likely to keep your energy field clear and more forward in a way that benefits the greater good.




Beloveds, we are happy that you are viewing forgiveness from an energetic perspective. The desire for highest good benefits everyone on the Earth Plane and ripples out into the Universe in a harmonious way.




Know that you are greatly loved.




WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst




and WE surround you with Love.




And so it is.





通灵:Linda Robinson

翻译:Nick Chan



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