Greetings dear ones! I AM Raphael, Archangel of the Emerald Ray of Love and Healing, healer and physician in this universe, multiverse, and beyond, in service to the Mother, to you, and to all.




And I step out to talk to you on this day of new beginnings of this wonderful and promising New Year 2019! This is the year when many of the New Yous are stepping forward fully into your missions, and truly anchoring your real authentic selves into the Nova Earth that we are building together at the same time.




Many of you had shed the falsehoods that you had taken upon yourselves in a conscious or in a less conscious way. But nevertheless, a process was needed so that you can properly descend and ultimately assist you as you relate with humanity living in the old third-dimensionality. Some of the baggage you were carrying was needed and carefully planned, and some of it, which you had decided to carry of your own free will, was more than was necessary. But now, though, all of those collective misconstructions are released and completely gone. Some of you had held on and kept a few veils to cover your light and brilliance, and yes, had used millions of reasons and excuses to do so.




When you said “yes” to the Mother just recently, that you wanted to be reborn, and all of you stepped bravely forward and wanted to do so, well, you had agreed to reveal yourselves, and let go of all of these covering veils, and literally, all of the old and heavy, enslaving memories, and programmings. So, with the emergence of the New You, everything of the old is dissolved and gone!




Feel the freedom, feel the lightness and the playfulness of your bodies. Feel the excitement and the exuberance of the New You that is ready to take on the new life, full of promises, and the new world full of possibilities and miracles!




Yes, dear hearts, you do have the memories of the old experiences, but you also have the clear understanding of not wanting to repeat the harsh lessons in an arduous and painful way. The self-judgment of the old you, that belittling of your small and limited selves, is just not possible any longer from where you reside in this New You of yours. Therefore, you would not get dragged into judging others and into the density of the old.




Many of you – the healers and the empaths – will continue to send your compassionate, loving, and healing energies to the ones in need, but from a safe place, without taking into your sacred space their diseases and disturbing energies.




This false grid of being a universal surrogate for the pain and suffering of the entire collective was very sneakily inserted into your cells, so you felt it was of real service to take away everyone’s pain and then to deal with it, to process, heal, and transmute it. This is not part of the New You, and it had never been part of Mother’s Plan, for the Mother never desired, nor expected you to be of service in a way that made you uncomfortable, or worse, caused you pain.




And yes, your physical vessels have always given you clues and cues of where you were stretching and overextending yourselves.




It is time for you [to] start communing and collaborating with your extremely intelligent physical body. And it is your body’s desire that you start listening to its feather-like communication and not waiting until pain and extreme fatigue or lack of stamina is urging you to take corrective actions…the way you feed yourselves, the way you claim and hold onto certain thoughts and beliefs.




Really, all that you do while taking care of yourselves in the physical world and everything that you ingest or place in your body should be done by consulting with your wise physical vessels that have a great desire to assist you in this current journey so that you remain healthy, vibrant, and full of energy and vigor for at least a few hundred years.




Yes, dear ascended ones, there is no need to place any limitations on this new self! Any low vibrational energy foods or beverages, and any harmful supplements or medications should be removed from your environment, and only light and nourishing foods should be eaten, truly as a way of celebrating and grounding yourselves on planet Earth, and not as a way of decreasing your awareness as you have done in the past, by distracting yourselves from the world and from a reality that was not pleasant.




The New You physical body doesn’t need much from the outside world, but mainly that loving and nourishing energy from your soul. And as a result, it will be rewarding you greatly, along with all the other balanced and wise mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, by increasing your awareness and by assisting you in expanding your consciousness further. Endeavor to listen to and tune in with all of them always, before, during, and even after taking any type of action. Love and honor all of yourselves dearly, for you are perfect, and you are special indeed!




I am looking forward to working with you and assist you on this journey! Farewell!




通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan





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