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Happy New Year: Hundreds of top Khazarian mobsters, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo




In a historic moment of poetic justice, most of the U.S.-based top perpetrators of the fake “war on terror” have now themselves been renditioned to the U.S. Navy camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon sources say. “The Rothschild assets George Soros, Peter Munk, Peter Sutherland, the Bushes, the Podestas, and many others may have been airlifted to Gitmo for military tribunals, as the Department of Defense spends $500M to upgrade the prison and send more military police and Marines,” the sources say.

五角大楼的消息来源说,在史诗般的司法公正所造就的历史性时刻当中,大部分总部在美国的顶级虚假“反恐战争”肇事者们,现在已经被引渡到美国在古巴的关塔那摩海军监狱中去了。消息来源说:“由于美国国防部花了 5 亿美元来升级监狱,并派了更多的宪兵和海军陆战队去那里,所以罗斯柴尔德家族资产乔治•索罗斯、彼得•蒙克、彼得•萨瑟兰德、布什家族、波德斯塔家族、和许多其他人可能已经被飞机空运到了关塔那摩,等待军事法庭审判。”



In one of many signs of just how historic the new American revolution is, “30 congressmen will not be returning in the new year,” the Pentagon sources say. CIA sources also confirm that former U.S. President Bill Clinton, hoping for a plea bargain, is spilling the beans on people like former CIA head John Brennan, top U.S. Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and many others.Furthemore, as U.S. President Donald Trump proclaims Janaury 2018 to be “Anti-Slavery Month,”

有许多迹象显示出新的美国革命是多么的具有历史性,其中一个迹象是,五角大楼的消息来源说:“ 30 名国会议员将不会在新年里回到工作岗位了。”美国中央情报局的消息来源同样也确认说:“美国前总统比尔•克林顿、希望进行减刑交易,现在正在说出美国中央情报局前局长约翰•布伦南、顶级美国摩萨德特工拉姆•艾曼纽埃尔、前副总统迪克•切尼、和许多其他人的秘密。除此以外,正如美国总统唐纳德•川普所宣告的那样, 2018 1 月是“反奴隶制月”。



【科里.古德】《2017.12.30 简短更新》(附特朗普签发文件) 



human trafficking centers around the world are being raided and shut down. In Saudi Arabia, 3,000 child sex slaves have been freed, according to Russian FSB sources. In the U.S., “there was a power outage on December 27th at the “pedo heaven Disneyland,” as the place was raided by special forces fighting human slavers, the Pentagon sources say. In apparently connected events, Washington Post heir Bill Graham and Jordan Feldstein, the brother of the actor Jonah Hill, died last week, the sources point out.

全世界的人贩子集散中心正在被突袭和关闭。根据俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源说,在沙特阿拉伯, 3000 名儿童性奴已经被解放。在美国,五角大楼的消息来源说:“加利佛尼亚州‘恋童癖天堂迪斯尼乐园’在 2017 12 27 日遭遇停电,因为那里正在被跟人贩子作战的特种部队突袭。消息来源指出,在一个明显与此有关的事件中,《华盛顿邮报》的继承人——比尔•格雷厄姆和演员乔纳•希尔的弟弟——乔丹•费尔德斯坦,在上周死亡。


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Another move was that Julian Assange “was extracted from the Ecuadorian Embassy to take down the cabal, and he may be pardoned along with Mike Flynn,” the sources add.




Also, “On Christmas day, Delta Force raided a mansion owned by former President Barack Obama in Thailand filled with guns, explosives, gold, and tunnels, which may linked with [Former Thai Prime Minister] Thaksin Shinawatra, the Bushes, and human trafficking,” the Pentagon sources say.

同样,五角大楼的消息来源说:“在圣诞节那一天,三角州特种部队突袭了前总统巴拉克•奥巴马在泰国所拥有的一座大厦,里边装满了枪支、炸药、黄金、和地道,这座大厦与 [ 泰国前总理 ] 他信西那瓦、布什家族和人贩子有关。”


( 視頻截圖 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti5vS0sSP4Y)



We also received some raw intelligence over the weekend from two CIA sources operating in and Southeast Asia that reads like a Hollywood thriller about the high seas theft of 100 tons of gold.The majority of the gold to be used to assist in backing the new global gold-backed currency is stored in Jakarta. There is more than 100k metric tons. It is known as ‘off-ledger’ gold (Au) from the Soekarno era when he was M1 for the collateral accounts,” one of the sources said. “A portion of that gold, that is not part of the Japanese hoard taken during WW2 from all over China and Asia, was stolen last week,” the source says.

我们同样也在上周末,收到了来自美国中央情报局驻东南亚消息来源一些原始情报,这份情报读起来就像是一份好莱坞惊悚片,情报说的是关于 100 吨黄金从公海被盗走。其中一名消息来源说:“这批黄金是用来帮助支撑新的全球黄金支撑货币的,其中的大部分被储藏在雅加达。还有超过 10 万吨的黄金。它们被称为‘账目外的野黄金’,从苏加诺还是抵押担保账户的 M1 时代以来就有了。那批黄金并不是日本在第 2 次世界大战时,从中国和亚洲搜刮来的,其中一部分在上周被偷走。”



This is the cover story:




(印尼总统: 左科威Joko WidodoANTARA / Puspa Perwitasar)( -


This is how the gold was moved to Jakarta:





Here is a partial translation:



 From the side of the sea, Satkamal Lantamal XII Kal-Lemukutan 11-12-15 participated in supporting the Marine security of President Joko Widodo’s work visit at the National Christmas Celebration in West Kalimantan, held in Pontianak on Thursday afternoon.”

“印度尼西亚总统左科威和卡尔,于 2017 12 28 日周四下午,在印度尼西亚西加里曼丹省坤甸市勒穆库坦岛海边,参加了印度尼西亚全国圣诞节庆祝活动,海军陆战队为活动提供了安保。”



In other words, the visit by Indonesia’s Muslim president to celebrate Christmas was the cover for a major naval operation to move 100 tons of gold.

换句话说,印度尼西亚的穆斯林总统为基督徒庆祝节日,是为了掩护一场主要的海军行动,去转移 100 吨黄金。



However, three sources, including an Indonesian general, say the Navy ship carrying the gold bars was hijacked at sea in international waters.




Here is a CIA source’s version of the events:

It was a very well-planned operation. The gold was offloaded into a submarine and went ‘off radar’ into Singapore. This was part of the overall play at the top of the Indonesian government along with a few of the top players in the Singapore government. The promise made during the secret meeting at the APEC Summit in Vietnam was used for personal gain. The very top players in this theater planned and made off with the Au.“This was to be used as a small part of the new gold-backed currency with Russia, China, and India. It is currently 90% pure and easily re-smelted to 99.95 purity (the minimum purity allowed by the LBMA). Estimated between 80-100 metric tons, this will make a very few at the top of the Indonesia government extremely wealthy in the 3D matrix (for as long as it lasts). The problem is that they have stolen something of high importance.This was for the benefit of humanity. I was told that there will be repercussions, including severe penalties like imprisonment or worse. The movement of the Au is being monitored by special equipment under the control of the White Hats. The perpetrators have nowhere to hide. Their names are already known.“These top corrupt politicians were under orders from their masters, the Zionist cabal, who still have a strong foothold in Indonesia.”


以下是一名美国中央情报局消息来源对这起事件的观点:“那是一场计划周详的行动。黄金被卸载到了一艘潜艇上,并且在开到新加坡领海后‘从雷达上消失了’。这是印度尼西亚政府高层和新加坡政府少数高层整体协同的一部分。这场行动的合作协议,早就在为了谋取私利而在越南举行的——亚太经合组织领导人非正式会议当中的秘密会议中定下来了。在这场剧目中的最顶级的玩家们策划并抢走了黄金。这批黄金本来是被用于跟俄罗斯、中国和印度一起支撑新的金本位货币的一小部分。这批黄金现在有 90% 的纯度,并且可以被轻易重新冶炼成 99.95% 的纯度(伦敦金银市场协会被允许的最低纯度)。估计在 80-100 公吨,这将会使印度尼西亚政府当中的极个别顶级人员在这个物质世界的有生之年中极其富有(只要这个物质世界继续存在下去)。问题是,他们偷走的是某种高度重要的东西。这批黄金是用来造福人类的。我被告知这起事件将会承担后果,包括监禁或更糟的严厉惩罚。黄金的运输早就被白帽子们控制的特殊装备监视着。肇事者无处可藏。他们的名字现在已经知道了。这些顶级的腐败政客们,都听命于他们的犹太复国主义阴谋集团的主人们,他们在印度尼西亚依然根深蒂固。”



The movement and related hijacking of gold is linked to some sort of major financial event due sometime in the first half of this year, a separate CIA source says. This source, who has provided us with both big scoops and disinformation in the past, says the financial system will be completely shut down, the stock market will drop to zero, bank accounts will be emptied, and ATMs will shut down when this event happens. This will be followed by the launch of the new gold-backed system, this source says.

另一名美国中央情报局的消息来源说,这场黄金运输以及与之有关的劫持,与 2018 年上半年即将发生的某种主要金融事件有关。这名消息来源,在过去既向我们提供过独家猛料,又向我们提供过谣言,而现在,他说当事件发生的时候,金融系统将会被完全关闭,股票市场将会归零,银行账户将会被清空,自动取款机将会被关闭。这名消息来源说,随后新的金本位系统将会启动。



There is some supporting evidence out there for this scenario. India, Russia, China and many other countries have announced publicly they will be moving to a gold-backed currency. The Chinese have also said they will be trading oil for gold and yuan. Furthermore, the entire management of the Federal Reserve Board has been replaced.We also see that world stock markets are becoming increasingly detached from reality. Even people who never studied even basic economics know that when more people sell than buy, then prices fall. Yet the U.S. stock market has been reaching record heights, even though sellers have vastly outnumbered buyers since 2013. Reality always has a way of catching up, and illusions never last forever.

有一些证据能够支持这个剧本。印度、俄罗斯、中国和许多其它国家已经公开宣布,它们将会转变为金本位货币。中国人同样也说,他们将会用黄金和人民币来交易石油。除此以外,美国联邦储备委员会的整个管理层已经被替换了。我们同样也看见,世界股票市场正在变得越来越脱离现实。即便从来没有学过基础经济知识的人都知道,卖出的人比买入的人更多的时候,价格是要下跌的。而美国股票市场即便从 2013 年开始,卖出的人已经远远超过买入者,但它现在还是达到历史高点。现实总是会追赶上来,并且虚幻的表象不可能永远持续下去。





There are also signs of another Lehman Brothers type of shock on the horizon:





In any case, it will be possible to completely end Khazarian mafia rule during this year, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, if the right action is taken. Early on in this battle, I was asked by Pentagon sources to “think like a military man” and come up with specific targets. Years of research and conversations with hundreds of sources, including Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Japanese royals, have forced me to the conclusion that the problem ultimately lies with the P2 Freemason lodge and their plan to create a one-world religion and a world fascist empire controlled by the descendants of the Caesars.

Recently, for example, I was told by an NSA source to watch the “Bourne Identity” TV miniseries from the late 1980’s. The story is about a hunt for Carlos the Jackal (Ramírez Sánchez), the notorious terrorist who was active for 30 years in the latter part of the past century. What intrigued me is that the show depicts Carlos being sheltered in monasteries and working out of churches. That is because Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason lodge told me it was they who ran both Catholicism and Communism.

无论如何,完全结束可萨黑手党的统治将会在今年变得可能,如果采取正确的行动的话,那么不仅仅在美国,而且在全世界都会发生。在这场战斗的早期,我被五角大楼的消息来源要求去“像一个军人一样思考问题”,并找出具体目标。根据我多年来的调查以及跟包括罗斯柴尔德家族、洛克菲勒家族和日本皇室家族在内的数百名消息来源的谈话,已经迫使我得出了结论,那就是一切问题的根源都在于意大利 P2 共济会和他们想要创造出一个由凯撒的后裔所控制的,世界统一的宗教和一个世界法西斯帝国的计划。比如最近,我被一名美国国家安全局消息来源要求去观看从 1980 年代后期开始流行的电视短片《谍影重重》。讲的是追击“豺狼”卡洛斯(伊里奇•拉米雷斯•桑切斯)的故事。他是在 20 世纪后半叶活跃了 30 年的臭名昭著的恐怖分子。使我感兴趣的是,这个电视短片将卡洛斯描绘成一个,受到修道院庇护,并且为教会工作的人。那是因为意大利 P2 共济会的里奥•扎加米告诉我说,正是他们同时运作着天主教和共产主义。



What really irks me is that Carlos, who was arrested in 1994, was allowed to publish a book promoting terrorism called Revolutionary Islam in 2003. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security froze the bank accounts of publishers trying to publish my book about the secret battle for the planet earth that promotes world peace. You can see these people for who they are by the constant fear-mongering and war promotion (Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc.) in their controlled-media operations.

真正激怒我的是,在 1994 年被逮捕的卡洛斯,被允许在 2003 年出版一本鼓吹恐怖主义的书,叫做《伊斯兰革命》。与此同时,当一家出版商,试图出版我为了促进世界和平,而写的一本关于地球秘密战争的书的时候,美国国土安全部却冻结了那家出版商的银行账户。你就可以看出来,这些人所服务的,是那些用他们所控制的媒体不断地挑起恐惧和促进战争(伊朗、朝鲜、叙利亚等)的人。





出生: 1949 10 12 日(68 歲)  著作: Revolutionary Islam

(文字來自:維基百科/圖片來源: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39421429)



So, in conclusion, if the U.S. military and agency white hats want to finish this battle in 2018, and they want specific targets, I would recommend they target the Calabrian Peninsula, Rome, Milan, Tel Aviv, Zug, and Basel. Doing so would knock out the self-appointed social engineers who are behind terrorism, false flags, mass migration of young single Muslim men (not families) into Europe, etc. Pope Francis, with his promotion of the global warming fraud, is just a nice face for this demonic group.

所以,结论就是,如果美军和美国机构部门当中的白帽子们想要在 2018 年结束这场战斗,并且想要具体目标的话,我将会建议他们将目标定为卡拉布里亚半岛、罗马、米兰、特拉维夫、瑞士楚格、巴塞尔。这么做将会淘汰那些处在恐怖主义、伪旗行动、年轻穆斯林单身男人们(不是家庭)大规模迁移进欧洲等事件的自命不凡的社会工程师们。教皇弗朗西斯和他促进全球变暖欺诈的行动,仅仅是这个恶魔集团的一个友好的面孔。



In a final note, Japanese military intelligence is telling me that some sort of operation against the Bank of Japan is in the works for the new year.Let us make it a happy and victorious new year for the people and the living creatures of this planet.






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