Dear Ones, if you can accept that your growth is your service, and that what you consider to be your mistakes lead to your growth, it would stand to reason then that your mistakes serve both you and the whole, as well. The fact that you have had an experience and now know that if you had it to do again you would choose differently indicates expansion, growth, and greater maturity. That has shifted energy in a way that serves not just you in your greater knowingness of self, but also others who can learn from your experience. You have also anchored the energy of the ability to evolve beyond the original action.




Do you see? Based on this new perspective, you can release shame and guilt for actions you took when you did not know better and give yourself the gift of understanding and forgiveness this holiday season. Taking the step of having love and compassion for yourself for it all is yet another way to serve the whole and express the divine being you truly are. Further, once you can have love, understanding, and acceptance for yourself, you will be much better able to have the same for others. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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