Humanity’s awakening process has accelerated enormously since we last communed. Even on the mainstream news programs it is apparent that something untoward is happening, and it is being experienced worldwide. Despite the naysayers’ misgivings and skepticism humanity is waking up! Within the concept of time, which is ever-present in your daily lives, there is a divinely planned series of events occurring that is leading you forward to your inevitable awakening into experiencing the Reality that is God/Source/Love.


人类的觉醒进程自从我们上一次交谈后被极大地加速。即使在主流媒体的新闻中,很明显,“不好”的事情正在发生,这可以在世界范围内体验到。尽管有着否定者的怀疑和疑虑,人类在醒来!在一直都存在于你日常生活的时间概念中,有着一系列神圣计划的事件(复数)会发生来引领你朝向你不可避免的觉醒,去体验现实,也就是神 / 源头 /


You are all, and this means all without ANY exceptions, divine beings, divine creations, forever and eternally One with all sentient life – and there is only sentient life – and with the Source of that fully aware consciousness. It has always been thus, and it always will be. There was just a brief moment – seemingly endless eons of time ago as you think of it – when an unreal dream state apparently, and only momentarily, enveloped the absolutely stunningly beautiful Being that God created like unto Himself.


你们所有人,这意味着无一例外,都是神圣的存在,神圣的造物,永远与所有有情众生合一 --- 只有有情众生 --- 与全意识的源头合一。总是如此,总是这样。有过一个短暂的片刻 --- 在看似永无止境的恒久之前,如你会认为的 --- 一个虚幻的梦境出现,在一瞬间,包裹了绝对惊人美丽的存在(神按照自己的样子创造的)


In that moment God’s beloved Child seemingly split into myriad countless individual conscious forms, and as it happened those forms experienced separation and unimaginable terror. The terror was immediately denied and buried because it was far too painful to see and acknowledge. Without Source/God/Love there could be no life, only an extremely short apparent life in form followed by extinction. That concept, although utterly unreal and impossible, wrought havoc in the minds of all the countless individuals into which God’s beloved Child had seemingly split Itself.


在那个片刻,神挚爱的孩子看似分裂成了无数的个体意识形式,随着分裂的发生,那些形式体验了分离和难以想象的恐怖。恐怖立刻就被否认和埋藏,因为它太过痛苦难以去看向和认识。没有源头 / / 爱,就不会有生命,只有一个极其短暂的表面上的形式生命,随后就会消失。这个概念,尽管彻底虚假和不可能,在神挚爱的孩子看似分裂的无数个体的头脑中创造了破坏


It is that havoc, that terror – although in truth quite unreal – that is now arising in the collective consciousness of humanity right now to be released, thus allowing Love – the only Reality – to flow abundantly into your hearts filling you all with untold JOY!


正是这个破坏,这个恐怖 --- 尽管事实上很假 --- 此时此刻正浮现到人类的集体意识中来被释放,从而让爱 --- 唯一的现实 --- 大量地流入你的心,让你充满不可言喻的喜悦!


As humans the vast majority of you believe that you are your bodies and nothing else, and that, therefore, when you lay down those forms in death, that will be the end of life for you. Many indeed do have religious beliefs, but they are only beliefs with no supporting evidence, that they hope will bring them to some heavenly life after death. However, deep within themselves, they have a great fear of death, the end, the termination point of their human lives, for many believe that unreality – the physical and material universe – is the only true reality, and that Reality – Love, Source, God – is unreal, an insane idea in the minds of those who refuse to accept that life is short, meaningless, and an accident that terminates completely at physical death.


作为人类,绝大部分的人相信你是你的身体,仅此而已,因此,当你在死亡中放下那些形态,这就是你的生命终结。许多人确实有宗教信仰,但它们只是没有支持性证据的信仰,他们希望在死后会带他们到天堂去。无论如何,在他们内心深处,有着一个对死亡、完结、生命终点的巨大恐惧,因为许多人相信那个虚幻 --- 物理和物质宇宙 --- 是唯一的现实,而那个现实 --- 爱,源头,神 --- 是虚假的,是那些拒绝接纳生命是短暂的、无意义的、是一个意外(会在物理的死亡时彻底终结)之人的头脑中一个疯狂的想法


However, you are all eternal and everlasting beings, you are consciousness Itself which is limitless and never-ending, unlike the body which dies when consciousness –you – decides to move on. Your human death is but a transition back into full conscious awareness of that state. There is nothing to fear, and many who have had Near Death Experiences confirm this. Nevertheless, the fear that your apparent separation from your divine Source established within your minds, and which was most firmly ingrained and developed over the eons, now needs to be acknowledged as unreal and released. You do this by setting the intention to open your hearts to the Love that envelops you in every moment of your eternal existence, and allowing It to dissolve that fear.


无论如何,你们都是永恒的存在,你是无限和永无止境的意识自身,不像身体,当意识 --- --- 决定前进的时候会死亡。人类的死亡只不过是返回全意识的一个过渡。没什么好怕的,许多经历过濒死体验的人能证实这一点。然而,你看似与神圣源头分离的恐惧建立在你的头脑中,根深蒂固并发展了恒久,现在需要被认识到是虚假的并被释放。你可以通过意图去向时时刻刻包裹你的爱敞开心来做到,并让它溶解那个恐惧


It is similar to your human experiences as small children having nightmares from which you awoke in terror, perhaps screaming loudly. Then your parents rushed in to hold and comfort you and show you that reality was the experience of being held and comforted in their loving arms, and was not the nightmare from which you had awoken. And what a relief that was! Many of those early childhood nightmares arose as a result of very ancient memories, buried in your psyches, of the unreal but terrifying moment of separation from your Source.




To awaken fully, as you are in the process of doing, it is necessary for you to see and release those unreal terrors that have been directing your human lives, terrors that indeed seem very real when you identify yourselves with your bodies and see and experience the pain and suffering that they can undergo. When you allow and welcome Love into your hearts, then any pain or suffering that you are experiencing will decrease in intensity, as realization dawns that you yourself are indeed One with that all enveloping Love.




The time has come – it has always been present because there is only the eternal moment of now – to free yourselves from the severely limiting belief that there is only physicality, the world of form and matter, and awaken into knowing the absolute wonder of your true nature at One with Source.


时间已经到来 --- 它一直存在,因为只有永恒的当下时刻 --- 去自由于严重受限的信念 --- 只有肉体,形态和物质世界 --- 并觉醒去知晓你真正本质(与源头合一)的绝对神奇


With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan




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