Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with my beloved Guide in the Vibration and Form of RA. RA has the following message for you all.


安坐于神圣的我是存在中,与我的更高自我、亲爱的指导(在 RA 的形式和振动中)连接。 RA 有以下的信息提供给你们


Dear Children




I come forth at this hour to grant every blessing upon you all as we focus now upon the omniversal shifts ahead. We are now undergoing an Event like no other an Event raising Consciousness upon your Planet.




I come forth at this time to speak about entering the Service of Love, being the Masters of Love in Service to Others. We are populating a great shift at this time that will move you forth into a greater sense of Love...




As there are many aspects to Service in Love, before we work further with these magnificent frequencies of Love, we would like to briefly talk about more common false beliefs and judgments that need to be integrated to come into the full embracing qualities of Service in Love.




There are many in the Service role that are still caught in past behavioral programming, and at a deeper level steeped in patriarchal cloaking of separation, power, control and/or domination. Not to mention the ego allurements of envy, greed, jealousy, anger, and so on. These are experiences you have chosen, in order to move out of the negative ego into your Christ Consciousness.




Know now as you shift energy and frequency and those negative thought patterns that have been blocking your path to your Ascension, you become a free Spirit,




The reason you choose to assist your body and every atom and molecule within your Beingness is the understanding that you are a worthy and magnificent Master Being of Love and Light.




Extend this magnificence, this Love, and recognize that each atom and molecule on this earth plane is an extension of your Self, and honor that some parts within your Self are more complete and whole than others.




So, work with Service in Love on all parts of your Self, all parts of humanity. Understand that by serving others in Love, free from negative ego, you are serving your Self. You humbly start to feel a deeper Love, a deeper commitment to Source and to each other, and rejoin the Kingdoms of Heaven on Earth.




You step outside of the limitations, and the veils of illusion placed upon humanity by its own false beliefs, judgments and creations of reality. You step outside of the competition prevalent in many “groups”, with the attitude of “my Service work is better that yours”.




For of course all you are saying is “I am better that you. I am more knowledgeable than you. I am more enlightened than you”. Discernment not judgment is the key to expansion, and Service in Love. When you recognize that by serving others, you are serving your Self, you are able to more fully aligned with your Higher Light on this earth plane.




I leave you with every peace and blessing.





翻译:Nick Chan





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