Greetings friends. We are the Arcturian Collective and we have a message of change and of hope for you grounded ones this day.




For all is proceeding at an unprecedented rate or velocity of change. For all is being made anew, and you, our grounded light team, are the prime instig·ators of this revo·lution of the light. Therefore as the stakes are so high, it is imperative that you remain grounded to the New Earth which you are in the process of imagining and creating, and to daily, hourly tune into your multidimensional mind, yourself on another higher plane of existence and allow that connection to be made ever stronger.




Picture a rope or a thick steel cable. You have these all over in your industrial settings, yes? Now imagine that with every multidimensional connection your steel cable has another thread of steel added. Overtime truly your steel cables will be the strongest of the strong because you have continually made that connection with your higher self, and it is a cord that cannot be broken, as your scriptures say (Ecclesiastes 4:12), for it is a bridge forged between dimensions that keeps you connecting to yourself, your higher self, and keeps you holding strong, so that you don’t lose your grasp in the sea of forgetfulness which has been known as 3D Earth.


想象一根绳子或很粗的钢缆。你们工业设备中都有这些东西,对吧?现在想像一下,伴随着每一个多维度的连接,你的钢缆多了一条钢丝。随着时间的推移,你的钢缆会变成最强硬的,因为你不断地与你的更高自我建立那个连接,这是无法打破的一条绳索,正如你们经典中所说(传道书 4:12 ),因为它是一个维度间的桥梁,让你与你自己、你的更高自我连接,让你保持坚强,这样你就不会在 3D 地球的遗忘之海中失去掌控。


Be encouraged though, for all of this is changing and soon it will be odd to not be connecting with your galactic family and friends, and it will slowly over your time – as time is rapidly speeding up and becoming meaningless in the process – become normal. Our message has always been to “Make ascension normal” as our dear grounded light leader Suzanne Lie has been faithful in saying. It is true. Thank you Suzanne. You all, our grounded and ones, make ascension normal when you are not afraid to speak about what you are seeing and hearing.


请接收鼓励,因为这一切正在发生,很快,不与你的银河家人和朋友连接会是奇怪的,它会渐渐地 --- 随着时间在加速,过程已变得无意义 --- 成为常态。我们信息总是“让扬升成为常态”正如我们亲爱的地面光之领袖 Suzanne Lie 真诚所说的。这是真的。谢谢你, Suzanne 。你们所有人,我们的地面人员,让扬升成为常态,当你不再害怕述说你所看到的,听到的


You are not going nuts, you are awake! There is a big difference. The asleep ones are always quick to blame because they literally cannot perceive it. They are not your concern for unlike other lifetimes where it may not have ended well for you for speaking your truth, this one is different. This lifetime is the cherry on the proverbial sunday and it is safe to be the light, the bright red shiny cherry on top of the sunday that is the first thing any and all will notice when they look on at it.




The view from the top is simply what you are experiencing for those of you who are having your perceptions broadened and are awake. Be open. Document what you see and hear and we most assure you we are cheering you on and eager for our grounded ones to get a little bolder, a little more confident with what they are seeing and hearing and share it. For the world you have been immersed in has been beyond limited. It is truly like Plato’s cave and you are all the ones outside the cave trying to coax out those who only understand the shadow world.




No more. The light has come, the light is here, it is within you. The great energy wave of unconditional love and total change is headed quickly towards your precious home, Gaia, and all will be changed in the blink of an eye. And new leaders will be needed. Are you willing to volunteer whole heartedly in this capacity? For we know you are the brave ones, yet you are still discovering this. It is time to shine now. You are out of time and this is your mission. It is time to be the cherry on the ice cream sunday, shining bright and the real eye catcher of the whole creation. All eyes are in you friends. Will you volunteer? You are strong enough or you would not be here reading these words.




We are your friends and family, the Arcturian Collective. May we count on you?




This is Sananda and I have a few words to add to this as well. Know please that you are loved and supported beyond your current imaginings. You are not alone, I will be ever with you, as will the entire Company of Heaven. We are all in this together. There is no “he” or “she” or “them” there is only “Us” for we are all in this together! You have held many leadership positions over the ages. You are ready and it is time to shine your light friends! Remember the deep cleansing breath and breathe love into every situation before proceeding with any action, and oh, the adventures you will have will be magnificent!




I am your Sananda.




大角星团体与萨南达 20180306 让扬升成为常态


翻译:Nick Chan



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