All my dear ones,




It is my mission, my promise to you that I should contact you in this time and help you during this transition period – as this is where you are right now – in a transition period – which is the most difficult period when all that has been pushed down, both collectively and on an individual level comes up to the surface, to be scrutinized, examined, to be cleansed, to be healed. If you previously have repressed feelings, fears, shame, anger, frustration – whatever it is it will now come to the surface. It is a powerful cleansing process. You have come different distances into this process and that is as it should be – you have all taken on different missions, with different starting points and different conditions and each one of you will start from where they are.


这是我的使命,我对你的承诺,我应该在这个时刻与你联系,在这个转变时期帮助你 --- 你现在就处于这个点 --- 在转变时期 --- 也是最困难的时期,当集体和个体上被积压的一切来到表面,被审核、检查、清理和疗愈。如果你之前有被抑制的感受、恐惧、羞愧、愤怒、沮丧 --- 无论是什么现在会来到表面。这是一个强大的清理进程。你们从不同的距离进入这个进程,就是要这样 --- 你们都有着不同的使命,伴随着不同的起始点和情况,你们每个人会从自身的所在地开始


Already it is going splendidly my dear ones, but it is a question of how long you want this transition period will continue – most of you probably wish that it would be all over now and long for the light to start to be seen concretely in the world around you – that the peaceful paradise that has been promised you will start to be seen around you. But consider then that it starts with you, it starts with you calming your mind, enter your heart, connect yourselves to the Heavenly Light and to the divine Mother Earth and fill your whole being with love. I am speaking about meditation, to enter your inner sanctum and to connect to one’s highest Light and convene this with the Light of Mother Earth and the Heavenly Light/Creation/Source/All that is. To do at least one such meditation per day, when it suits you, where it suits you. After practicing you can do this on the bus or wherever you are. It is a matter of inner presence. In order to create this higher presence I encourage you to practice yoga or conscious presence as I call it. In the Western world it is these days called Mindfullness, that is to take with you the high conscious presence to everything you do every day, buying groceries, cook food, eat, in meetings with people, at work. Once you practice Conscious Presence/Mindfullness during your every day life you also enter more quickly and deeper into your meditation and it will over time become much more powerful. (Also, drink a lot of water, eat clean, preferably vegetarian, food).


它进行地很出色,我亲爱的一们,但这是一个你想要这个转变阶段持续多久的问题 --- 大多数人也许希望现在一切都结束,渴望能在世界上具体地看到光 --- 平和的天堂向你承诺的会开始在周围被看到。但要考虑到它始于你,它始于你平静你的头脑,进入你的心,与天堂的光和神圣的地球母亲连接,将你的整个存在充满爱。我是在说冥想,进入你的内在,与自己最高的光连接,伴随着地球母亲、天堂、造物、源头、一切万有的光召唤它。每天至少做一次这样的冥想,在适合你的时刻,适合你的地点。稍加练习后你可以在公车上或任何地方去做。这是内在姿态的问题。为了创造这个更高的姿态,我鼓励你练习瑜伽或有意识地存在。在西方世界,在这些天它被称为正念( Mindfullness ),它需要你高度有意识地存在,对日常生活中的一切,买东西、做饭、吃饭、会面、工作。一旦你练习有意识地存在 / 正念,在日常生活中,你还会更加快速和深度地进入你的冥想,随着时间的推移它会变得更强力。(还要,多喝水,吃干净的食物,最好素食)


Look at your lives; what can you do in order for your life to be raised yet one more small step? In this case you should ask yourself what you can cut down on in your life in order to leave more space for this work for the light? What do you do because you think you have to or maybe just out of old habit? Do you have children who demand your attention – practice Conscious Presence when you are with them – be consciously more happy, more Present together with them, have fun together – it is good for both you and your children. Yes, everybody can find ways to enter a higher frequency of light in your daily life.


看看自己的生活。你可以做什么来让你的生活再提高一个台阶?在这种情况下,你应该问问自己你可以在生活中消减什么来为这个光的工作腾出更多的空间?你会怎么做,因为你认为你必须或只是出于旧的习性?你有着需求你注意力的孩子吗? --- 练习有意识地存在,当你与他们在一起 --- 有意识地和他们一起变得更快乐,更多地存在,一起玩乐 --- 这对你和你的孩子都有益处。是的,每个人可以找到进入更高光之频率的方式,在日常生活中


Only you can tell what is needed in order for you to be the one you want to be, for you to live the life you want to live – take a step in that direction, they might be small steps, probably they are small steps, but take these steps, one by one in the direction that you heart tells you to go. Listen to your heart. Follow your heart. Your heart always shows you the right way. This is a matter of training and one cannot expect to be able to drive a car if you never have taken a driving lesson – maybe this comparison is an exaggeration, but yet not, as you often get frustrated when everything does not turn out the way you want right away – if you instead think it is a matter of taking small steps in the direction you want to go – at the same time as you increase your energy frequency, at the same time as you are more Consciously Present – yes, then your manifestations will come faster.


只有你能述说什么被需要,以便成为你想成为的,去过上你想要的生活 --- 向那个方向迈一步,它们也许是小步伐,可能会是小步伐,但迈出这些步伐,一步一步地朝向你的心告诉你前往的方向。聆听你的心。跟随你的心。你的心总是展示你正确的道路。这是训练的问题,你无法指望能够开车,如果你从未上过驾驶课 --- 也许这个比较有点夸张,但并不,正如你经常会沮丧,当一切并未如你想要的那样进行 --- 如果你认为这是一个朝向你想要前往的方向迈出小步伐的问题 --- 与此同时,随着你提高你的能量频率,与此同时,随着你更加有意识地存在 --- 是的,那么你的显化会更加快速


With Love and Joy, In Eternity, Amen, Om.


伴随着爱和喜悦,在永恒总,阿门, Om


库玛拉 20180303 一切都在向前运动

 通灵:Mia Lighthouse

翻译:Nick Chan



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