The DolphinCollective ~ The hidden force behind WATER ~ As channeled by MélineLafont



Greetingslovelyones, you are most welcome in our center of Love, in our essenceand in our loving energies.



Being a collectiveform in essence, we have many antennas and trumps we use in orderto transfer the most opt​​imal energy to all of you, so as to letyour hearts sing again, to let you feel and have only the mostloving intentions.



This is whatbrings us to you in these times of Ascension, to offer you onceagain the power and the assistance in the form of Love and ofgenuine friendship.



As always we areyour brothers and sisters of the Light and we feel an immenselydeep connection and Love for all of you. It is our deepest desireto continue maintaining and feeding this connection and even tostrenghten it.



You bringenlightenment to this Earth through your hearts and yourintentions, something that is felt and known by every livingorganism. We also feel this and are most delighted by the hugeprogressions being made in the form of change.



There are someEarthly shifts which give rise to ever more big changes on Earth aswell as on the solar level. These are big shifts that are takingplace and not just small switches.Everything and everyone on Earthconstitutes a part of this planetary and solar shift andcontributes its part by enlightening and even byAscension.



With Ascension wemean that a soul once again connects with its higher purpose, withits higher Self and with its essence. When a soul distances itselfmore and more from the illusion and ascends by gaining insights, byabsorbing the light and by effectively becoming and grounding thislight, a very uplifting enlightenment will take shape affecting allthose around you and even af​​fecting the Earth Herself : all thisjust by grounding your being.



As Dolphins, weground our energies and our light through passing sonar waves tothe Earth and to all Her children of the Light. Water is anexcellent conductor, it is a very strong transmitter as well as acleaner. In essence and structure, water is so pure that everythingthat comes into contact with it becomes a reborn and refinedentity.



There is a hiddenforce behind water able to free and to birth an enormous amount oflife and energy. Water doesn't only transmute everyone but alsoconverts into life, it cleanses and activates, it grounds andmerges you back with the Earthly energies.



Cleanse your skinwith pure water as often as possible, beloveds, for it will do waymore than just cleansing. Your body and all your cells needabsorption of the structure and the essence of water, they need theenergy of water and this by intake of water as well as by directcontact, by a connection with water.



Our physical cellsare fed and cleansed with water and it keeps us in contact with theelements of Gaia, with Her essence and with Her loving energy.Water is the creation and the beginning of all life on this Earth,it has given you life and keeps on doing this all throughout yourentire incarnation.



We dearly lovewater as it feels so pure.Lovely ones, your bodies need lots ofwater in these times to enable your physical vessels to transformand to transmute into a lighter form. In the coming times you willneed lots of water, much rest and ample grounding so as to feel ascomfortable as possible during these actual shifts andtransformations.


你們會一直被給予大量的光,這是你存在固有的本質,同樣也滋養著你的細胞、你的 DNA 和光體。你們的心會持續越來越多地轉化,每件事經過你們的心的事不僅是為了顯化,同樣也為了最終的釋放。

You willcontinually be given lots of light as it is an intrinsic part ofyour being and the nourishment for your cells, for your DNA and foryour lightbody. Your hearts will go on shifting more and more andeverything will pass through the heart not just for manifestationbut also for final release.



We feel theimpulses in the sometimes rather restless oceans coming up duringGaia's transit and shift into the renewed Light world. As iscommonly known, the oceans contain many portals and vortexes of theLight, which implies that the turbulent energies coming from andthrough those vortexes as well as from the planet herself will makethe oceans and her ocean floors active and rough.



In addition tothat, vulcanoes will become more active in order to release muchpoison and negativity. All in all, many shifts will enable therelease of negative energies which will free themselves from thedepths of Gaia after having been stuck formillennia.



This all pertainsto Ascension, lovely ones, and it is a part of your own Ascensionand your clearing of the personal as well as the collectivetransmutation. Our hearts and your hearts too are connected to allof this and we are the keepers of the vortexes that monitor andguard everything.



Be aware thateverything will unfold in such a way that Gaia and you will freeyourselves of centuries of being kept in a dark prison. It alwaysrequires a liberation and a release, before the next step forwardcan be taken.



We feel that anenormously huge collective leap in the birth canal is ready to beborn into the manifestation of your reality.The energies are toointense to maintain a status quo, they have to give way for shiftsand changes.



Everything istouched in such a way that nothing is left unhampered ; we stand byyour side throughout all of this. Have faith in our deep and strongcooperation with the Light of Sirius and also with all of you asthis will become a truly wondrous and beautiful world of being ,which is now being built by all of you.



Every componentcontributes hugely and is meaningful,so too is your contributionimmensely valuable!Be prepared for the absorption of the influencesof the next lunar eclipse which will manifest a lot on your planetand which will assist in releasing old outworn habits and ditorelationships, old wounds and old projections .



The oldenvironment and the holographic projections disappear gradually outof your reality because you no longer concoct it and that is a goodthing!With all our hearts, with all of our love and our friendshipwe assist you and we are ready to open the vortexes so they can beactively used, so that teleporting and transforming will becomefact in your consciousness and Being, when the decisive connectionwith your hearts will become factual for everyone, when the heartreigns over the brain.



First a basis of100% heart and Love must be established before the mysterioussecrets can be entrusted to you and you will be able to handle themwith the utmost of respect. This also applies to Galactic bases ofother generations and civilizations outside this solarsystem,therefore we guard these wholeheartedly and ever sostrictly.







 We are the DolphinCollective, your brothers and sisters from Sirius and we love allof you so immensely deep, lovely ones!

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