Darling, it is your Mother God speaking. I see you and I surround you with light. I extend this to all of you beautiful light workers who are so tirelessly pressing on, full steam ahead, creating as you go. The stakes are high and we have the best crew the universe has ever seen. And such a coming together of love and light, of space forces! You will be astonished to witness the vast love for you as evidenced by just the sheer numbers of ships, here to show you their love and support. It is coming. Many of you are sick of hearing “it is coming” or “soon” or “here” or “now” but truly friends and beloved ones it is true. You are currently tearing out of the vortex of time as it goes from a linear trajectory to that of a spiral. On spirals one can hop, skip and jump their way to where and when they want to be, to experience. Linear is extremely limiting. This you know and you will be delighted when truly the Now is your now. And it is, should you accept it this little glimmering pearl of truth.




The yesteryears of pain are coming to a close. Allow me to apply honey and light to your woundings, to your wounded places and let’s pour in the light, shall we? Will you let me? Good. A mother loves to help her children, it is true. You know this. Many of you are mothers or fathers. You know the depth of the family bond. You are my children. You are expressions of the All-That-Is. This cosmic love burst is for you! These energies are for you! So let them in. Sit by the window and allow the beams of light to caress your skin. See them glittering off of the snowy landscape, as this one is doing. Or better yet, get outside and feel it yourself! Feel my love and light for you. Feel my arms wrapping themselves around you in a great big cosmic hug. You are weary. We see this. I know this. Just a little longer. The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together. Your twins are anxious to connect. Your bodies are acclimating nicely. We are pleased with your physical and spiritual progress. Oh, how much have you integrated. And so, as you write your New Years resolutions for today, include some magic, some hope and realize that that hope and magic is you, is your unlimited, massively expansive multidimensional self and invite it into to your 2019 and co-create as one and watch the miracles begin to unfold. I am your Mother God . I wrap you in an envelope of pure light and love. Remain here as long as you like, I am always here for you. I am your Mother God.


痛苦的过去即将接近尾声。让我在你的伤口、你受伤的地方涂抹蜂蜜和光,让我们倾泻光。你会允许我吗?很好。母亲很喜欢帮助她的孩子,这是真的。你知道这一点。你们许多人是母亲或父亲。你知道家庭纽带的深度。你是我的孩子。你是一切万有的表达。这个宇宙为你爆发爱!这些能量是给你的。所以让它们进入。坐在窗户旁,让光束呵护你的皮肤。看到它们在白雪中闪闪发光,就像这位管道在做的。或者更好,出门去,亲自感受它!感受我对你的爱与光。感受我的双臂在巨大的宇宙拥抱中包裹你。你很疲惫。我们看到了。我知道。再坚持一会儿。愿望和梦想正在完全被实现,随着你们一起创造。你的双生渴望连接。你的身体很好地在适应。我们对你的身体和精神进展很满意。你已经进行了大量的整合。所以,随着你书写新年计划,去包含一些魔法、一些希望并意识到那个希望和魔法就是你,是你无限制的、广阔的多维度自我,把它邀请到你的 2019 年,并作为一共同创造,看到奇迹开始展开。我是你的母神。我将你包裹在纯净的爱与光中。如你所愿地呆在这里,我总是为你而在。我是你的母神



This is your Father God speaking. I would add to intend to be in radiant joy. As the rainbow light envelops you and your world so perfectly, remember all is divinely timed and orchestrated and you are an integral piece of this grand puzzle. You have persisted on, and on, even when hope was dim, when faith was at its lowest. You believed even though all others mocked or persecuted you, because you knew - you know - that your time, your mission is unique to you and it must be completed. And so children, my beloved ones, whose sparks burn so bright, I acknowledge your service, your sacrifice, and your reward is nigh. May 2019 be the year you dream it to be. Dream fiercely. Intend with power and purpose. And watch the elements bend to your will. Watch this new “time” become the glimmering future you will create it to be. Gaia is surrounded in love. Massive ships are here to support, filled with loving souls who pledge their service. Light workers, you are NOT alone. You only thought you were, and continued on anyway, which is why we have dubbed you the heroes of the the faith (crying). Your candle flames flicker fiercely. They never go out. Life after life they burn brightly, discovering the light within, discovering me, discovering your own blessed heart. And so it is. I am your Father God. Create the wonders that you already are. Be that which you already are and that we know you to be. You are magnificent. I am in love with you children, my precious progeny. I am your Father God.


我是你的父神。我来添加处于璀璨喜悦的意图。随着彩虹的光芒如此完美地包裹你和你的世界,记住一切都处于神圣的时机和编排,你是这个宏伟拼图重要的一部分。你坚持不懈,即使当希望黯淡,当信念处于低估。你相信,即使所有人都嘲笑你或迫害你。因为你知道 --- 你知晓 --- 你的时刻,你的使命对你来说是独特的,它必须被完成。所以孩子们,我亲爱的一们,你的火花如此明亮地闪耀着,我知道你的服务,你的牺牲,你的回报近在咫尺。愿 2019 年是你梦想的一年。去强烈地梦想。伴随着力量和目标做出意图。看到元素屈服于你的意志力。看到这个新的“时刻 成为你会把它创造成的闪闪发光的未来。盖亚被包裹在爱中。大量的飞船来到这里支持,充满了承诺服务的有爱灵魂。光之工作者,你不孤单。你只是认为你是,但还是继续坚持着,所以我们授予你信念英雄的称号(哭)。你的烛火猛烈地闪烁。它们从未熄灭。一生又一生地明亮燃烧,去发现内在的光,发现我,发现你备受祝福的心。就是如此。我是你的父神。创造你早已所是的神奇。成为你早已所是、我们知道你所是的。你是辉煌的。我非常地爱你,孩子们,我宝贵的后代。我是你的父神



We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We pledge our support.




We are the fairy collective - we pledge our support and undying love and blessings on the fairy breezes for sweet humanity’s ascension!


我们是仙女集体 --- 我们在仙女的微风中提供我们的支持和永恒的爱与祝福,为了人类的扬升!


We are the elemental kingdom. We pledge our support to humanity and the sweet mother.




We are the Galactic Federation. We pledge our eternal support and love to humanity and her ascension and to Gaia and her healing.




We are the Andromedan Collective. We are pledging our love and neighborly support.




We are the Arcturian Collective. We pledge our healing codes of ascension, wisdom and loving support.




We are the Pleiadian Collective. We pledge our time and talent and eternal love and support for our family and friends and for Gaia’s ascension.




We are the Sirian Collective. Our forces are many, our love is strong. Victory to the light!




There are many of us. More than you know. We are all here to pledge our love and support humanity. You are not alone in this and succeed you shall. Victory is assured. Salut!





翻译:Nick Chan





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