原创 2017-12-08 米拉 新纪元扬升之光

Mira from thePleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner, December 6th, 2017




Greetings. I am Mira comingto you today with a strong force of love, and commitment from the EarthCouncil, where I have been serving full-time now for five years. With thiscommitment I pledge to you and to the Earth to see you through this powerful timeof Ascension.


问候。我是米拉,今天我带着一种强烈的爱,和来自地球委员会的承诺,我在这里已经全职工作 5 年了。带着这一承诺,我向你们和地球保证,将通过这个强大的扬升时刻来与你们见面。


As you might have noticed there are strange occurrences on yourplanet. You are probably feeling some of them, for most lightworkers feel theseenergies. Even the awakening humanity are paying greater attention to theseanomalies. They are occurring because you are going through the Ascensionprocess.



Please be assured that these unusual activities and events are anormal part of Ascension. It is common to feel awkward as you make your waysometimes feeling clumsy. There is a monumental shift occurring with the Earthherself. The magnetic fields of the planet are unstable. Therefore, as youknow, the ride can get a little rocky.



Due to the influx of light and information, your consciousness isrising. Transparency is becoming the norm. As there is increasing exposure ofthe secrets and the darkness, the foundation from the Third Dimension iscrumbling before you. This can also create the feeling of instability andimpermanence, which is the situation in which you now find your selves.




It is interesting to us that some of your historical figures,icons, monuments, and statues are being removed. The spaces that they occupiedwill be replaced with something significant for the new energies. If only thosewho are assisting in this removal would realize that these also are mirrors fortheir own replacement. These icons, figures, people in long-term politicalstature, etc. will also fall way as the Third Dimension implodes upon itself.



 We are calling this process “the greatest show on Earth.” It issomewhat akin to a circus, in case you hadn’t noticed. There are billions ofGalactics surrounding your planet providing assistance, protection, technology,who are ready for divine intervention if necessary. Please remember that wewill not allow nuclear weaponry on your planet. Dispense with the fear of warbecause there are no more energies for war. There are only energies by thecabal to make more money by creating weapons. This is the truth.



 What happens on the Earth affects all of life, your solar systemand the seven solar systems of which you are part. It is a precious planetwhere darkness and evil are being removed. You get to watch this happen.Observe it like you are in an audience and watch it fall. Take back your power,claim your planet back, release whatever is holding you back, and clear the wayfor a new Golden Age.



We look forward to the time that we can be together where we canshare our technology with you and celebrate the completion of the darkness onplanet Earth. There is a big excavation process happening right now and thanksto you for playing an important part in this extremely important project.



We send profound love, support and healing, to all of you. I amMira.





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