Dear Ones, many of you wish to move beyond your fears. The secret to moving beyond fear is trust.




Who do you trust as a guide or helper to assist you? God? An angel? An ascended master? If you don’t know what you believe, do you feel like there is something more out there than you? If so, you can simply call on more. Do you believe you have a source of wisdom within yourself that always knows how to proceed? Do you trust your own divine capability? Do you trust your higher self?




What we are trying to get at is it doesn’t matter who you feel most aligned with to trust. It just matters that you know there is always assistance available to you, to help guide and support you, as you continue to evolve.




Feel into who you is the best support for you. If you aren’t sure, experiment! Test drive many different beings and see which one feels best to you energetically. Then remember to ask for help whenever you feel you need to experience extra love, support, safety, or encouragement as you continue to grow and evolve. Allow yourself to be led to the solutions that exist for you. Use your helpers, that’s what they are there for!




You have everything you need, always, to move forward beyond your doubts, fears, and challenges into the land of new possibilities and potentials. Finding who you trust on your team to give you that extra guidance and encouragement is how you move into conscious co-creation. We urge you to take advantage of all the wise and loving supports that are in place for you, whose greatest joy is assisting you in moving into your next greatest experience of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


你有着一切的所需,总是如此,去超越你的怀疑,恐惧和挑战,进入新可能性和潜能的领地。找到你团队中信任的人来给予你额外的指引和鼓励,是你进入有意识共同创造的方式。我们鼓励你善用为你存在的所有明智与有爱的支持,他们最大的喜悦就是协助你进入你下一个最大的自我体验。 ~ 大天使加百利





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