Dear ones, again we lovingly greet you in these times of much seeming chaos. It is the clearing of old and dense energies that present as the storms and weather related issues you are seeing on dear Gaia. Gaia is a living soul, not a piece of dirt to be used as a dumping ground and endless resource. She has chosen to ascend out of these dense and debilitating energies. Like you, she too must release and clear that which is still held within her energy field in order to bring in the higher dimensional light. These events are also serving to bring people out of the dense hypnotism of their current addictions to technology. When these events happen, people begin to once again interact and speak to each other in caring and loving ways, instead of allowing themselves to be isolated within technology which only serves to separate.


亲爱的,我们又一次在这样看上去混乱的时刻向你问候。目前正随着风暴和气候的因素、亲爱的盖亚让你看到了老旧和稠密能量的清除。盖亚是一个活生生的灵魂,而 不是一块被利用的尘土、一个垃圾倾泻场和取之不尽的能源场所。她选择从这些稠密和虚弱的能量中获得提升。和你一样,她也必须释放和清理、这样才能让更高维 度的光注入到她内在的能量场。这些事件也将服务于人民、让人民不在沉迷于科技并从稠密和受催眠的状态下获得解救。当这些事件发生时,人民首先会再一次的相 互影响、互相交谈关怀以及表达爱意,取代了让自己被科技所孤立、成为一个个奴隶的状况。


The Arcturian Group today wishes to speak of love and how it is the connecting energy between all living things. We see so much distortion of the word love. Everything in life is interpreted through the state of consciousness of the individual. As with all truth, love has been and still is being largely interpreted ignorantly through false concepts and beliefs. These then in turn, manifest outwardly in the gross and distorted forms of "love" still present throughout the world.


大角星人团体今天想要谈论有关爱的话题以及所有生命之间的能量是如何相互连接的。我们看到了对于爱这个词语有如此多的曲解。透过个人的意识状态就能够解释人 生的一切事物。正如所有真理那样,爱正被而且一直被解读为错误的概念和无知的信仰(封建迷信)。就这样反反复复,表明了当前世界上仍然存在着这样被扭曲的 “爱”。


Often as not, "love" is used as a means for serving one's own selfish desires--a manipulating tool, even when cloaked in mother love, marital love, or even religious love. There is the gross identification of sex as being love which has in turn caused many to experience inner turmoil, emotional pain, and a sense of emptiness. There are those in positions of authority who use the word "love" in their rhetoric in order to get others to do their bidding and often as not it has worked because at the core of every individual is the unconscious awareness that love is very important.


每当“爱”被使用时、就成为了一种个人自私欲望的表达---一种控制的工具,即便是隐藏在母爱,婚姻爱情,甚至是宗教的爱之中。这些爱总是可被识破、反而造 成了体验上内心的骚动,情绪上的痛苦,以及空虚的感受。还有那些处在权力位置之上使用所谓“爱”的言词来使他人为其投票屡试不爽的存有、因此每个个体潜意 识当中爱的意识才会如此的重要。


Contrary to appearances, every individual is living their highest sense of what is right, but their highest sense of right may be totally self serving because their state of consciousness may be very un-evolved. Even the murderer believes he is serving a good cause in ridding the world of someone he finds fault with. The problem is that his desire to do "right" is being guided through a belief system that is ignorant of truth.


与表面现象相反,每一个个体都生活于他们『什么才是对的』最高意义之中,但是在他们最高意义上对的情况下或许完全是在为自己服务、因为他们的意识觉知状态还 未进化到这一步。即使是凶手也会找一个很好的理由、认为他是在帮助世界解决掉某个有问题的人。问题就在于在这样的信仰体系下他希望被“正确”的引导、这就 是缺乏对真理的了解。


You who read these messages have evolved beyond third dimensional concepts of love and are more than ready to now embrace the higher sense of what Love is. Love is not a fawning over someone or something, nor does it mean being a door mat as is often presented in stories of the "saints". Love has nothing to do with lust, or greed or desire. Love is the consciousness of oneness.




Love is the realization that all living things are facets of and are thus connected within One Omnipresent Consciousness. This truth does not refer only to human beings for the one Life can only be the life of all living things. This connection is love. As an individual begins to spiritually evolve, he will unknowingly begin to experience more of this connecting energy in his thinking and in his actions. Because he still resides mostly in a third dimensional belief system, he expresses this new state of consciousness on the levels he is familiar with--he begins to feel and express a need to help the less fortunate. This is a fine beginning, but because the individual is still living out from beliefs of duality and separation, he sees himself as separate from those he is helping, and his good intentions may become polluted with self interest and self-aggrandizement.


爱是一切生命所要面对的领悟能力以及因此而连接在一起的全知全能的合一意识。这个真理并不是只适用于人类而是适用于一切有生命的芸芸众生。这个连接就是爱, 作为一个个体灵性进化的象征,他会不知不觉地从他的思想和行为里开始体验到更多这样的能量的连接。由于他仍然居住在一个三维度的信仰体系之中,他熟悉这样 新的意识状态层次---他开始感到并且表现出想要帮助那些不幸的人。这就是一个美好的开端,但是由于个人仍活在二元性的分离信仰体系下,他会把自己视为与 那些他想要帮助的人区分开来,他的良好意愿可能会演变成受到自我利益与自我膨胀而污染。(译者:寓意为觉醒的人不应产生优越感、从而让小我膨胀让原本美好的愿意变了质。)


This is not to say that the awakened soul is not to give to charities or serve in ways that the as yet un-awakened may need, for many only understand love on this level, and it is in serving while aware of truth, that the highest levels of serving take place. One does not hand someone a stone, when they are in need of bread while spouting; "It is all illusion".




As the student of truth awakens into the deeper truths, he begins to realize that all life must be connected because there is only one Life. He now has no tolerance for animal cruelty and the pain that has been forced upon others under the many guises put forth by those holding so called "authority". War becomes understood for what it is-- organized murder. He begins to feel offended by all its false trappings and so called necessity.


作为真理的学生应当唤醒更深层次的真理觉知,他开始意识到所有生命必须相互连接、因为生命只有一次。他现在已经无法容忍虐待动物的行为以及将快乐建立在别人 痛苦之上的行为、还有那些所谓的“权威”所提供的指导。要明白是什么导致了战争---而战争就是有组织的谋杀。他开始为那些美其名曰『必须完成』的所有假 相而感到愤怒。


You are no longer spiritual infants dear ones, you are evolving beings of light who are afraid to let go of the toys of your spiritual childhood . It is time to actually practice what you know to be true. Why do you continue to support war when you realize what it is? You are told it is for your own security-- is it-- or is it simply the means used to feed the never ending appetites of a machine that has long been obsolete?


亲爱的、你已不在是灵性上的婴儿,你是光之进化的生命、是害怕放下玩具的灵性孩童。是时候为你所熟知的真理而实践了。当你明白了战争的本质后为什么你还要持 续支持战争呢?你是说这是为了你自己的安全---是这样吗---或者这只是被简单地用来供养这永不停歇的过时的机器呢?


The final and deepest realization of love, is to realize your own oneness with Source. I am love because I am in and of the one and only Consciousness there is-- omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Divine Consciousness. The realization of all within the One is mysticism, and is the next step in an evolutionary journey. You are ready now.




Choose wisely dear ones, for time is running short. It is your choice. "Do I accept the oneness of all within one Divine Consciousness, or do I continue to play the games of duality and separation awhile longer". It is your choice dear ones.




We are the Arcturian Group.


通灵:Marilyn Raffaele




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