We are the fairies and we are so delighted to speak with you today again humanity for it has been far too long and we are grateful of this opportunity; we see the manifestation of great and wonderful things in your near future humanity and it is always best if you can hold within your high heart the attitude for gratefulness, yes, gratefulness because when one is grateful more blessings from the universe flow to you more quickly for that is what way things work; gratefulness and happy expectation of great and wonderful blessings will open up the river to abundance into your lives in such a magnificent way;


我们是仙女,我们很高兴今天又能和你说话,因为自从我们上次说话已经过去了很久,我们很感谢拥有这个机遇。我们看到伟大且奇妙的事物在你不久的将来显化,人类,如果你可以在你崇高的心中保持感恩的态度, 是的感恩,总是最好的,因为当一个人心存感激,更多的祝福会更快地从宇宙流向他,因为这就是事物运作的方式。感激并快乐地期待伟大且奇妙的祝福会打开通往丰盛的河流,在宏伟的方式中


We fairies love to do this as we feel the gratefulness that we have for our Mother Gaia whom we serve with love and joy for we are grateful for this opportunity to serve her we are grateful for the seasons and for the various nutritious opportunities for the animals, for the plants, we are grateful for the beautify of the fields as the autumn fairies kiss the leaves and turn their colors most majestically; for when you are grateful you can see with the eyes of a child and more things sparkle for you and you are more light within your heart space;




For we see that humanity has been heavy within their heart space for far too long – that is not the way anymore for the higher ascended codes of light are bombarding Gaia and it is most wonderful to see, to feel, to experience, to witness – we love it so much and we know that you do too! we see that many of you are hurting with the ascension symptoms at this time and know that this too shall pass so try to be grateful for the pain in your neck, the aches all over, and the spinning – for spin with it, spin with the cosmic cycle of grace, of upliftment for that is what is happening right now humanity – as your souls uplift your bodies are catching up and freaking out a bit! so send them love, good nutrition, and let us to tend to you should you wish – we do so love working with our human friends again, it is our great delight! for we love to serve our human friends, our mother Gaia;


因为我们看到人类的心之空间很长时间以来都是沉重的 --- 不会再如此,因为更高的扬升光之代码正在轰炸盖亚,这是一副奇妙的景象去看到、去感受、去体验、去见证 --- 我们很喜欢,我们知道你也会喜欢!我们看到许多人此刻被扬升症状所折磨,知晓这也会过去,所以试着去感激你脖子的疼痛,全身各处的疼痛,以及旋转 --- 去和它一起旋转,与优雅和提升的宇宙周期一起旋转,因为这就是正在此刻发生的,人类 --- 随着你的灵魂提升,你的身体在迎头追赶并有点被吓到!所以发送它们爱,良好的营养,让我们照顾你 --- 我们很喜欢与人类朋友再次合作,我们非常高兴!因为我们喜欢服务人类朋友、我们的盖亚母亲


This attitude of service is one that must be adopted on the surface of Mother Gaia and then all will proceed more smoothly, for as you all serve each other so you are served and unmet needs are met again! for we see you evolving quickly – most quickly – into the ascended masters, the galactic humans that you were always destined to become, (and actually already were before the dark ones came – never mind they are leaving!) and we fairies are most grateful – so joyful that our dear precious mother Gaia can be beautiful again! won’t you humans please help us fairies tend to her needs and clean up the oceans? clean up your thoughts as well for as within so without – it all goes together – we fairies – love you so much, we are the fairies


这个服务的态度是一个人必须在盖亚表面采用的,然后一切都会更加顺畅地进行,因为随着你们服务彼此,你也会被服务,未被满足的需求会被满足!因为我们看到你在快速地进化 --- 非常快速地 --- 成扬升大师、银河人类,你注定会成为的,(实际上在黑暗存有到来前就已经是了 --- 无所谓了,他们在离去!)我们仙女非常感激 --- 非常高兴,我们亲爱的宝贵的盖亚母亲可以再次变得美丽!你们人类会帮助我们仙女照顾她的需求并清理海洋吗?清理你的思想,因为在内如在外 --- 它们携手并进 --- 我们仙女 --- 非常地爱你,我们是仙女



翻译:Nick Cha









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