Many people would rather fight against something, rather than put our energy and focus to create positive change. Like "Stop War!" rather than "Live Peace". When we fight against something, we turn our attention to what we are fighting, instead of focusing on what we want to happen. By doing this, we become pawns on the chessboard of duality, when what we really want to do is to throw the entire, ugly chessboard into the trash!




If we choose our battles wisely, we act when and where we can be most effective. We don't allow ourselves to be manipulated into the emotional highs and lows of reactions. If we do, we become polarized by duality and become part of it again. This is how duality cleverly continues to be fed by us. Please remember that there are never any Final Battles in duality. The linear dynamic of duality is not set up for a decisive victory. The only way to truly vanquish it is TO STEP OUT OF IT.




The world of duality is becoming so unpleasant, so dangerous and unreal that we really don't want to live there anymore. We have to be proactive and pull the plug out of the bathtub of duality so that all the dirty water will drain out. And we need to do this now.




Whether or not we like our politicians, the policies of our governments and the greed of the bankers and corporations, they are all serving us by making visible the numerous elements which are out of balance and need to be drastically changed. All the things that they are doing are catalyzing change at an accelerated rate.




It is becoming increasingly obvious that it is totally up to us to bring forth the changes that we desire to be implemented. We are the ones who have to reinsert Love, Compassion and Truth into the world. We are the ones who have to protect our Mother Earth. We are the ones who are here to birth the New Reality into the physical plane. No one else is going to do it for us!




The energies of duality cannot exist in the resonance of the New Reality. When the New Reality becomes strong enough, the influence of duality will be gone.



Let's Live the New Reality NOW!



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Words of wisdom from the HEART by Solara Anani

来自Solara Anani心灵的智慧


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