great beings of light,




we have been speaking of a great plasma wave that will be sent to this planet from the central sun scheduled to arrive near the 3/21 spring equinox!




what affect does this solar light have on your ascension and how does it upgrade your dna?




the high frequency plasma waves being directed here by star forces are waves of white magnetic ionized gamma light that recodes and enhances the dna of any living species into a higher form!




how does is this light received and held in the body and what is going on at the sub-cellular-atomic level in dna?




solar ionic gamma light particles have the ability to cut through to the nucleus of the human atom, to shift its chemical bonds and change the very make-up of our atomic structure <3 this alters the ratio of the basic compounds of our elemental body, thereby taking us into a much faster vibrational spin, and forever freeing us from the carbon-based atomic code




we are progressively mutating into a much greater human potential <3 this is a metamorphic process of solar empowered alchemy that is changing our atomic bodies from a carbon-based framework into a finely tuned silicon-crystal system




what is fueling this biological morphogenesis? some people say it is due to the constant waves of super-charged plasma rays emanating to us from the very core of our milky way galaxy <3 these rays have entered the earth, discharging an ionizing type of radiation that neutralizes, cleans, recodes, energizes, transforms and rebuilds, allowing all living systems to expand and breathe more light




the scientific definition of ‘ionizing radiation’ is “radiation composed of particles that individually carry enough kinetic energy to liberate an electron from an atom, therefore, ionizing it"




we are going through a physiological emergence into a higher vibration and we are doing it, step by step, cell by cell <3 this is morphogenesis!




the morphogenesis: opening the crystalline seals into avatar consciousness!




archangel michael




通灵:Michael Love

翻译:Nick Chan










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