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Sananda via John Smallman, September 15th, 2017



Providing a safe space for others is why you are on Earth.



There is only Love.  Youall know that, you also know that everything else is illusory, and yetmany of you engage unlovingly and judgmentally with others almost every day –frequently you are so unaware of your own ingrained beliefs and behaviors thatyou do not even realize that you are doing this.  Taking time daily to gowithin, to your sacred altar, and relax in the divine Presence that is alwaysthere with you, the field of infinite and unconditional Love that is your truenature, will help you, if you choose, tobecome increasingly aware of how your egos are constantly attempting todistract you from perceiving yourselves as others see you.  Being aware ofhow others see you helps you to become aware of how your egos operate, somethingto which you probably pay very little attention because you mostly think ofyour egoic selves as “Me.”  This is not the case, the egoic “Me” is mostlydriven by feelings and emotions, and generally reacts rather than thoughtfullyresponding, and it is not you.



Manyhumans appear to live at the center of their own personal universe – the ego’suniverse – separated from all others by their own egoic and self-centeredpersonalities.  They are so wrapped up in their own issues of self-defenseand how best to ensure their personal safety, that they cannot conceive of anymeaningful opinions apart from their own.  And yet they are constantlyseeking recognition and approval from others.  The need to be right andmake others wrong, except, of course, when the others are in agreement withthem, is one of the major causes of conflict worldwide, from individualrelationships right up to international relationships.



When youintend and choose to live lovingly, to live and engage from your true nature,you will find that your need to judge weakens and then falls away to bereplaced by compassion for the pain and suffering that you see in others. When you live like that you will hardly ever find yourselves in situations ofconflict, and those with whom you interact will appreciate and honor yourpresence instead of competing with you for acceptance and approval.



Your truenature is Love, as you are constantly being reminded by myriad channeledmessages, and yet almost as soon as you have finished reading one of thosemessages, or very shortly afterwards, and recognizing its truth, you forget,and slip once more into unawareness as you hand control of your lives back toyour egos, to the auto-pilot.  You slip back into to reacting to life insteadof responding to it with focused intent as your day unfolds.



Often it seems to you when youare out in the world, or in your workplace, and even sometimes in your homeenvironment, that you are under the threat of judgment and disapproval, whilemany of the others with whom you interact in those same environments are alsoexperiencing those kinds of feelings.  The lack of trustin theseenvironments is quite palpable to all present, and each person is feeding itwith the energy of their own sense of inadequacy – fear – which feeds onitself.  However, if you canconsciously maintain your intent to be only loving you will find that thestress and tension in those environments diminishes when you are present.




Intendingto be only loving and then engaging only lovingly will bring into yourawareness the realization that your personal world-space – wherever you may beexperiencing it – is indeed mostly quite peaceful, and that is because you areLove incarnate, and Love is always gentle and peaceful.



All who are reading this message,and others of a similar nature, chose to be on Earth as humans at this time toassist in the human awakening process by living and engaging from their truenature – Love – and by so doing bringing the energy of Love into their dailyinteractions with others.  The others will feel theenergy, although they may very well not know what it is they are feeling, andwill find themselves relaxing in its presence into a realization that they arein a safe space – your world-space – and will consequently communicate muchmore freely and easily.




Providinga safe space for others that is unthreatening, and in fact welcoming, is whyyou are on Earth, because when people feel safe they can open to Love, and, ofcourse, the field of divine Love enfolds you in every moment, patientlyawaiting your acceptance of It.  To open fully to It is to awaken, but becauseof your ingrained beliefs and fears, opening to It takes time.  Manybelieve that if they operate from Love and behave and interact lovingly thatthey will be taken advantage of by others who are more “street-wise,” and thatthey will be deceived or cheated.



If anexperience like that actually happens to them it will take considerably longerfor them to start interacting lovingly again.  And during that time it isquite normal to fall back, temporarily, into the apparent sense of a need forsafety by building defenses and choosing not to trust or engage lovingly.



Of courseyou all have guides and mentors in the spiritual realms watching over youconstantly, waiting expectantly for you to call on them for assistance, andextremely willing to respond immediately to your call.  When in doubt callon them.  When you do you will be able, with their assistance, to senseintuitively when someone is not being totally honest with you, and you willthen be able to avoid an unsatisfactory interaction.  There is a vastdifference between being loving and being gullible, and your intuition is verygood at understanding this and recognizing the difference.



So what I am telling you heretoday is that you are beings of Light, the beloved children of God, and thatyour true nature is therefore Love.  You are onEarth to remember this and to operate from that state by being loving at alltimes, and by doing so – and there are countless numbers of you on Earth atpresent doing this – greatly enhancing and accelerating humanity’s awakeningprocess.




Humanity is to awaken, it hasbeen deeply asleep for far too long, and you have chosen to be here,demonstrating Love in action, to ensure that the awakening occurs smoothly andswiftly.   For this we cannot honor you enough, but we can offer youour constant loving support which, when you choose to ask for it and accept it,is far more powerful than you can imagine.




Be yourselves, be Love, and know that youare assisting humanity enormously in its awakening process.

Yourloving brother, Jesus





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