Stunning Video of Cigar UFO in Orlando, Florida

Written by Dr Michael Salla on September 17, 2019.

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A cigar shaped UFO was videotaped near Orlando Florida on Sept 12,2019 by my confidential source JP,who I have known since 2008.The video shows a cigar shaped craft that is illuminated during the daylight.It has no apparent wings or tail,and is filmed moving away from JP who is taking the video from inside his car.It is clearly no reflection from inside the car and is not a helicopter or drone.




The YouTube video features my commentary of the original video JP sent along with a zoom of the craft.You can watch the original video along with a zoom version below.Note there has been no enhancements of the original other than the zoom feature used in the final portion of the video.


YouTube 视频中,我对 JP 发送的原始视频进行了评论,并将视频放大。你可以观看原始视频以及下面的缩放版本。注意,除了视频最后部分使用的缩放特性之外,没有对原始视频进行任何增强。





What follows is a screenshot of the cigar shaped craft in the video,along with a magnified copy as well as an auto-contrasted copy being added for comparative purposes.The zoom and contrast shows that the craft has no wings or tail section,and is emitting no contrail.







JP has been sending me photos and videos of UFOs he has witnessed near MacDill Air Force Base,Tampa and Orlando,Florida since August 2017.He has photographed flying triangle,rectangle,disk and cigar shaped antigravity craft in the vicinity of military facilities.According to JP's information these facilities are used by a USAF secret space program that is working closely with human-looking"Nordic"extraterrestrials.


20178月以来,JP 一直在给我发送他在佛罗里达州坦帕和奥兰多麦克迪尔空军基地附近目击到的 ufo 的照片和视频。他在军事设施附近拍摄过飞行三角形、长方形、圆盘形和雪茄形的反重力飞行器。根据 JP 的消息,这些设施是由美国空军的一个秘密太空计划使用的,该计划与长相酷似人类的"北欧"外星人密切合作。


According to JP the Nordics operate both cigar and disk shaped craft which he has photographed both near MacDill AFB and in Orlando as I have discussed in previous articles that are available here and here.


根据 JP 的说法,北欧人同时操作雪茄和圆盘状的飞行器,他曾在麦克迪尔空军基地附近和奥兰多拍摄过这两种飞行器,正如我在以前的文章中所讨论的那样,这里和这里都有。


You can learn more about JP's photos and videos of antigravity craft belonging to an USAF run SSP along with their human extraterrestrial allies in a series of articles available here.


你可以在这里的一系列文章中了解到更多关于 JP 的反重力飞行器的照片和视频,这些飞行器属于美国空军运行的 SSP 以及他们的外星人盟友。



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