We are you Mother and Father God and we speak as one. My dears, you are tired. You are weary, and you must not feel this weariness to be a failure on your part. It is not. It is natural after a long battle to be weary and need rest, and never doubt you have been battling for a long time. This is what you came here to do, do you see? You are warriors. You laugh as you glimpse it now, past versions of your warrior self. Yes, it is true. But the battleground now is not of dirt, the weapons not of steel or stone. The battleground is Gaia herself, and the weapon is your heart.





Beloved, many say remember who you are. We know you remember. We say, know who you are. Know you are a friend to dragons and angels, a warrior of old and of spirit, a fractal of us, of your Mother and Father. Some say God does not need help in fighting battles, for God is all powerful. But this is inaccurate. God needs all parts of him/herself who are awake and aware to glow and be strong, to hold the light and be radiant. We sent part of ourself here, in you, to be a divine spark. Saying God does not need help is like saying you do not need all of your cells to work. This may be true. But if all the cells of the heart stop working, what will happen to the body? This is why we say God needs you. God needs all lightworkers to be shining lights on the ground.




I am Mother and I will speak now of a mother's love. A mother's love is fierce, strong and thick, like the love of a bear. It will not allow evil to attach even for a moment. Know you are protected. Claim your power over sickness, over dependence on anything-- crystals, people, money, governments. Let the divine spark in your heart pulse and grow until you are filled with light. This is your purpose, to be light. Strength. Shining examples of what humanity can be.





I am Father and I say downtroddeness is the old paradigm, the old way. This paradigm of powerlessness has come up for healing before but it is doing so again, with gusto, for final erasure and release. All these clearings have a purpose-- to make your diving light grow and shine.




In one voice we tell you-- You are loved, darlings. Do not doubt or fear. The end is unification, peace, and joy. This cannot be changed. Be brave in love, choose peace and power. Choose joy. We are your Mother and Father God and we are always with you.





翻译:Nick Chan





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