Beloved embodiments of divine light,




I am Metatron, and I come today to offer you my violet ran, my violet flame, my violet fire, that it may cleanse and purify the very last vestiges of what holds you back. You are aching for a new start, a new beginning, a sign that ‘we are off’, that the game has begun.




Well, my dear brothers and sisters, the game has already begun. On a board game, is there not preparation work to be done before the players throw the dice? Do you not lay out the board, distribute counters, agree the rules, organise and deal cards? That is all an intrinsic part of the process and one without which the game cannot be played. I invite you to notice that this is where we are in the evolution of Gaia and your sacred journey.




While life may not be viewed as a game by any of you, especially any of you above the age of 8 or 9, I would invite you to see the fun in this life and to treat life as more of game. Not because I wish to take from the meaning of your experience, but precisely because I want to enhance that experience. If you can allow a certain lightness, even if only for a few moments in your day, you are elevating your energy. And when you elevate your energy, you elevate the collective energy.




Take my violet flame, every time you feel overwhelmed, burnt out or fed up, and let the flame dance through those negative emotions. These emotions only fuel and strengthen the old. You have moved past the old. My violet flame will help you to free yourself from old residual patterns of thinking and feeling that keep you locked into the memory of the old. Don’t relive it. Don’t relive its pain and heavy energy.




Let your energy lift. Do anything that helps you to feel better, to feel more alive, more joyous, more childlike. This is the sacred path of the Now moment.