Children, it is I, Gaia.




Breathe deeply with me here, in this Now moment, that we may experience a unifying e·xp·ression of peace and centering. Turmoil is not for you, children. You always have the choice to rise above that which is potentially irritating. It need not ruffle your feathers unless you allow it to do so. Seek the thrill that comes with discovering you may carry inner peace with you wherever you are, in whatever situation you may find yourself in. This is what Master Jesus taught and lived by example. Oh of course, no one does this all the time, but with practice and intention it is possible to have your energy signature be that of deep peace and inner knowing.




We are all connected. When one hurts, all hurt. When one has triumphs, all celebrate. This is the reality that is emerging from the deep as our Cetacean friends would say. This is the reality that is here of you claim it. Many of you are experiencing this Now on various levels. You feel one with all things. This is good, and how it should be. Take care of my animal kingdom. They need – they are patiently relying on – you all to bring the balance to the fore and own your power.


我们互相关联。当一个人受伤,所有人受伤。当一个人胜利,所有人庆祝。这是从深处浮现的现实,正如我们鲸类朋友所说的。这是你在这里宣称的现实。你们许多人正在多个层面体验它。你感到与一切的合一。这很好,就是要这样。照顾好我的动物王国。它们需要 --- 它们耐心地依赖着 --- 你们把平衡带来,掌握自己的力量


You were to be and are still the land guardians. Many of you remember this truth, for you were there when it was ordained. You are old souls. Many of you were on the planning committee for what project Earth should be, and so you came to experience it for yourself; the drop of dimensions, from ecstasy to suffering. And you have experienced this lesson very well; you and I are both weary of the suffering.




This is ending now. The era of love and life and the support of all is here now. It is truly embedded within the light encodements from Sol, our sun. Drink them in and open the portals of your hearts to allow this transformation to occur at the very deepest part of you, the place where dreams were rejected for impracticality or where love was removed a possibility due to past scorn and rejection. It is time to love yourselves deeply, as I, as we all (galactic, the Company of Heaven) love you. Remember this is just the experience you signed up for. Remove any blame from your beings. Do not hold it tight to your chest. Let it go now and feel the early morning mist on your feet. Feel the wind sylphs in your hair. Listen for the birds singing their song, and be comforted.




Relax into me. For the time of the great unfoldment and unveiling is here. The dark has no where else to hide. All is being revealed. As within, so without. This means that the darkness within – past pain and loss – must come up for air and breathe in the light for transmutation.


在我之中放松。因为伟大展开和揭示的时间就在这里。黑暗无处可逃。一切被揭示。内在如外在。这意味着内在的黑暗 --- 过去的痛苦和损失 --- 必须出现到空气中,并吸入光被转化


It has been lonely. But in solitude we do our best growth and self discovery, do we not? Be alone with me. Feel the smooth coolness of the rocks. Allow my elementals to comfort you, and soothe away the anxiety that comes with monumental change. For that is what is happening now, dear children. You are growing into your ascension light bodies now. Isn’t that a delightful statement?! I’m so excited and happy and at peace. I am so ready for this process to be here now, children, with you, my beloved ones.




Thank you for your love and care for me and for my kingdoms. Thank you. You are loved and treasured beyond measure. You are my treasure.




I am your Mother Gaia





盖亚母亲 20171112 我想让这个进程开始


翻译:Nick Chan



音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mpQeEmkf60


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