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Dear Ones, acceptance is a necessary precursor to experiencing peace. You cannot be resistant and peaceful at the same time.




If you are feeling discomfort, stop and ask what you are not in acceptance of. It may be that you are resistant to something simply by habit, in which case you can simply intend to release or surrender it. If it is something you cannot understand, or do anything about, you may wish to give it to God to be resolved for the highest good of all. Handing it over is a wonderful way to allow your faith and trust to move you into acceptance of the situation.




Finding your way back to acceptance, over and again, is how you become a powerful anchor of peace. From there you will find so much more comfort, presence, alignment, and ease. You will experience far less stress, and you will be able to shift your focus onto what you know and what it is you want more of, and embrace your role of powerful co-creator. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





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