Send light and love through your heart chakra


Love is the heart of the matter.Love is the energy that can move mountains.Your heart is the centre within your physical being attuned most to the energy of love.It is safe for you to love and be loved with an open heartas that is your natural state of being when you are not in human form.


The angels gave us this message today because the answer to your question is within your heart.The more that you open your heartthe more lovejoyand peace you"ll feel.You can open your heart chakra by asking the angels to send their healing energy to youby visualizing your heart surrounded by soft pink lightby inhaling the fragrance of roses and geraniumsby holding or wearing rose quartz crystalor a heart shaped pendantand by focusing on lovethe things and people you love or a time when you were in love with life.


Affirm: "I open my heart space and become more lovingsend out more loveand help heal those around me with the strength of my love.My life is abundant with love."


And so it is


You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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