A message of hope and love for the starseeds of earth that comes directly from the pleiadians.




Begin transmission...




Great ones,




The great awakening has moved into high gear as operation freedom earth sweeps across the planet!




An incredible evolution of consciousness has occurred on planet earth over the last 30 earth days as the forces of light continue to dismantle all old 3d paradigms,and replace them with new,harmonious 5d-earth systems that are much more beneficial to sentient human life!




Everything in this world is changing in a profound and positive way and a new era of light has finally dawned for humankind!




The starseed collective of earth is leading the way in this great planetary awakening and are sending the blinding light of higher awareness and truth into every dark corner of the earth matrix!




The recent global mass starseed meditation had an enormous impact on consciousness levels on the surface and because of this,humanity is much more aware now and they are finally ready to fully wake up!




A new improved positive gamma timeline was created several earth days ago as a direct result of that mass meditation and efforts are underway as we speak to coordinate an even more powerful upcoming global mass meditation!This will be announced in the coming few days!




As we move forward towards the grand event 2020 culmination and the long awaited beginning of the new age of aquarius,things are well underway in the greatest planetary freedom operation that humanity has ever witnessed!




Benevolent light forces have been arriving in earth's solar system in great armadas and in mass numbers over the last few earth days to witness the grand event 2020 culmination and the spectacular liberation of planet earth!




The earth alliance reports that thousands of sightings of these galactic armadas have been reported and more and more photos and videos are being posted on social media showing these incredible light ships moving into earth's solar system!




The earth alliance received a recent light forces data stream which indicates that full disclosure of and first contact with our galactic family is now imminent!




As the latest federation armada was detected arriving in earth's atmosphere yesterday,energy levels all around the globe started rising as powerful,40-hertz,5d,gamma light beams permeated earth's atmosphere between the hours of 12-8am est yesterday morning!