A survivor of a near-death incident asks Sadhguru howto experience life more intensely. Instead of waiting for your car to crash,says Sadhguru, you can be alive to life in every moment.



Q: I had a near-death incident when I was saved from being hit by a car by seconds. In those few seconds, I experienced everything in extreme slow motion and in extraordinary detail. Why were those seconds experienced in that way, and can I experience life in that level of detail consciously?



Sadhguru: This happened – two old men met in a tiny little town in Indiana, in a local bar. Both of them were sitting grumpily at two different tables, drinking. Then one guy looked at the other and saw a birthmark on the other person’s temple. He looked at him and said, “Hey, are you Joshua?” “Yeah, who are you?” “Don’t you know? I’m Mark. We were in the war together.” “Oh my God!” and they lit up suddenly. “In World War II, we were together. It’s been fifty years since then.”

萨古鲁:曾经发生过这样一件事 —— 两个老头子在印第安纳州一个小镇的酒吧里不期而遇,两个人都郁郁寡欢地坐在各自的桌位上喝着酒。然后其中一个看了一眼另一个,瞥见那人太阳穴上的胎记,他瞧了瞧,问道,“你是不是约书亚?”“没错,你是谁?”“你不知道吗?我是马克,咱们一起打过仗啊。”“噢,天哪!”他俩立刻容光焕发。“二战的时候,咱们是战友,离那时候都五十年了。”


So, they sat down at one table and started drinking, talking, eating. They had seen about forty minutes of action in World War II in Europe. Forty minutes of blitz. They talked about this forty minutes in so many vivid ways for over two hours. After they were done with all this talk, one guy asked the other, “What have you been doing since then?” He said, “Oh, I’ve just been a salesman.” Forty minutes of war, they spoke for two hours with great excitement. Forty years of life – “I’ve just been a salesman.” That is all that happened.

就这样,他们坐到了一块儿开始喝啊聊啊吃啊。他们在欧洲二战中目睹过四十分钟的战斗,就四十分钟的闪电战,这四十分钟的事儿他们以各种各样生动的方式谈论了两个多小时,终于尽兴之后,其中一个问另一个,“在那之后你都干什么了?”那人说“哦,就干了销售。”四十分钟的战事,他们亢奋地说了两个小时,四十年的生活呢 —— “我就干了销售。”仅此而已。


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