I come on the wings of love! Let me reiterate to you the value of participating in a collective focus. When many people are gathering together to hold one focus, each in their own unique way, the energy that this action creates goes far into the atmosphere and gathers together other like minded energy which gives added power that can create solutions to so many perplexing problems facing humanity in the now moment.




By combining your energies, you create a laser focus to manifest a much more powerful and positive outcome for all. You have been doing this during important portal days and this action has created magic in the etheric fields. This magic has transformed the seemingly impossible into the very probable future that now beckons on the horizon. As you worked upon yourselves, transmuting lower vibration thoughts and feelings into greater Light within yourselves, you also created a field of greater potential for the people on the planet.




At this juncture, it is important that you stay focused on creating within yourselves the feelings of joy - for living your life in joy is living in ascension frequency. Joy is the highest frequency in terms of bringing in a better way of living on the planet. Connect and align with thoughts and feelings of joy throughout the coming days and weeks and create this feeling in others around you. The feeling of joy is very uplifting and contagious and this alone can change many things upon the planet and within yourselves so that each person stands a better chance of going forward into a new beginning.




In every way, change is the most prominently noticeable aspect of these times we are living in. Find your joy in each moment and BE it. This will help in your ascension process as you align to the higher dimensions. Everyone has the opportunity to move forward into a new life, a new beginning. Focus on that which creates and supports this process and let all mental and emotional attachments to former perceptions go.




Be fully present in each moment and forego the events of the past or the worry about what will transpire in the future. We are assisting all our Lightworkers in every way we are able and welcome you to the next step of your journey on your individual and collective path. With your full participation, it can only bring success.




I AM St. Germain.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan





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