I come on the wings of love! Know that the Creator intends only the very highest good to all who inhabit the Earth. Help and assistance from the higher realms of your Family of Light are always available upon your request. We are ready to serve. When we say this, we mean this in terms that will assist the sincere person in overcoming and surpassing whatever obstacle or challenge that is before them. When a person calls upon us and talks to us as one who is speaking to a trusted member of their soul family, a connective link is established that can be used again and again throughout their entire lifetime. These are bonds that stand the test of time and can never be broken.




When a person speaks out to us, we become their patrons thereafter as spiritual helpers and guides. Those who establish these lines of communication to us are, in effect, graced with our overlighting presence in their daily life at all times and in all situations. It is a bond of love between the incarnate soul and their spiritual guide(s) that brings blessings of guidance and grace to the recipient, which serves to protect them and keep them on the path that they have chosen to walk upon in the Earth realm. This is a blessing and a boon from the Divine, who desires only the highest outcome for each of the sparks of life that the Divine has created.




In these momentous and changing times, therefore, we from the spirit realms are an invaluable resource that can be drawn upon at will by those that continuously re-establish their connection with us. As they listen to our subtle response and follow our guidance, it accelerates their growth, learning and the realization of their higher potential. In this way, much progress can be made on their soul evolutionary path. Always, our guidance leads an individual forward in beneficent ways, for our purpose is to guide and teach these ones to become the ethical, truthful and Divine beings that they were meant to be.




When a person calls upon us, we attend immediately so it is good to keep this in mind. We have ability to be in many places at once and can answer all calls simultaneously. We work from the etheric realms where this is possible because different universal laws apply. The Creator has deemed that all who seek to reconnect to their origin (Creator) shall be answered and assisted in every way that is possible, taking into account the outstanding karmic lessons and balancing of these that must be fulfilled according to each individual’s soul plan. The soul plan is one that was planned before a soul incarnates into the physical dimension and this is always done in unison with their lifetime spiritual guide(s).




Everything in the Creators many, many universes has a plan for their evolutionary journey, from the experience of being a mountain to the experience of being grass, to the experience of the mineral kingdom, the tree kingdom, the plant kingdom and on up to the human, spirit and heavenly kingdoms. There is a Divine order to all these things that is at work. Every living spark of the Divine has great value, for they are in fact, as one within the vastness of the Divine’s creation. There is an interconnection between all creation and what affects one will invariably affect all. This is knowledge that needs to be brought to the forefront for greater contemplation by humanity.




In love, peace and harmony, I say to you that we are One.




I AM Mother Mary.




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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