You are in a time where it is highly encouraged to get clear about how you wish to express yourself and what would bring you joy. To assist in getting that clarity, it is good to examine what draws you. It is also helpful to ask yourself, “If I didn’t know a single person on the planet, what would I do?” Asking that question will help you identify any ways you still give your power away based on a fear of lack of approval and not addressing your own needs.




We realize that there may be things you can’t do immediately due to the obligations you still wish to honour. But exploring that question will make you aware of how you are limiting yourself. Do you really need to sacrifice that dream? Do your loved ones really want you to deny yourself or are you putting that upon yourself? What aspects of that dream can you incorporate into your life right now? Can you grow and water that dream in a way that honours everyone involved?




There is no better time than now to get clear about what makes your heart sing and to love yourself enough to explore those interests in a way that supports the highest good of all. After all, those desires exist to help you find your joy and purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



 翻译:Nick Chan



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