Humanity’s awakening process is accelerating very rapidly now, and signs of this are plainly evident on the mainstream news media channels. People have chosen no longer to accept the rhetoric and promises made by politicians and other well known figures who express their views and opinions publicly, because it has become utterly apparent that they are meaningless. Those in positions of authority or in high office are, for the most part – there are a few exceptions – solely interested in maintaining or strengthening their positions, because they are addicted to power, particularly to power over others. However, the majority of the world’s population are no longer prepared to give their power away, to empower others to rule their lives. As I said in my previous message: No one has the right to override your own sovereign authority. And humanity is now demonstrating that it is no longer willing to allow this to happen.


人类的觉醒进程现在飞快地加速,如此的迹象可以在主流新闻媒体渠道上很明显地看到。人们选择不再接纳政客的修辞和承诺,以及其他知名人物公开表达的观点和意见,因为很明显它们是毫无意义的。那些处于权立位置或高位的人,多半 --- 只有少数例外 --- 只对维持或巩固自己的位置感兴趣,因为他们对权立成瘾,尤其对控制他人成瘾。无论如何,世界上绝大多数的人决定,不再交付他们的力量,不再授权他人统治他们的生活。正如我在先前的信息中所说:没人有权利让你推翻自己的主权。人类正在展示他们不再愿意让这些事情发生


Changes that are inevitable and essential aspects of humanity’s awakening, of humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution, are occurring at an ever faster rate everywhere on your beautiful planet, as more and more of you decide to wake up, to become aware that, as humans in form, each of your individual lives has a divine purpose that can only be brought to fruition by the individual living and experiencing that individual life.




A life lived in fear and that is driven solely by the need to survive is meaningless, and yet for a long time the majority of humans have believed that survival was the sole purpose of life, consequently that became the waythat the majority have attempted to live it. But that way of life has not been satisfying; it could not be because you are so much more than the human forms with which you mostly identify – forms that age, decay, and die. You have just forgotten that divine Truth, by your own choice, because you wanted to experience separation from Source. You wanted to experience independence, a state of self reliance and freedom that you momentarily thought you did not have – rather like the New Testament parable of the prodigal son. As in that parable, an extremely happy ending awaits your awakening into the realization that you are, always have been, and always will be, One with Source in the eternal moment of Now, where you reside in infinite joy.


生活在恐惧中的生活,以及只被生存的需求驱动的生活,是毫无意义的,但很长一段时间以来,绝大多数的人相信,生存是生命唯一的目标,因此这成为了绝大多数的人生活的方式。但这样的生活方式并未令人满意;它是无法令人满意的,因为你比你认同的人类形态 --- 会老化、衰老和死亡的形态 --- 要更复杂。你只是选择忘记那个神圣的真理,因为你想要体验与源头的分离。你想要体验独立性,一个靠自己和你暂时认为你并未拥有的自由状态 --- 就像新约中的浪子。就像那个寓言,一个极其令人高兴的结局,等待着你觉醒至领悟你的所是、一直所是、总是所是 --- 在永恒的当下(你在无限的喜悦中驻留的地方)与源头合一


The chaos, confusion, and suffering now being experienced by such a large proportion of humanity, is clearly demonstrating that a fear and survival driven life, where it seems that all are competing aggressively for essential resources that will soon be exhausted, leads only to conflict and further suffering. This chaos and confusion is leading many to seek new ways to interact locally, nationally, and internationally, so that cooperation replaces competition. Then new designs and plansthat will enable all to live together harmoniously on Planet Earth – in willing interdependence that acknowledges and honors the rights and needs of all – will be brought into being. This is the only sane way forwards for humanity, and grassroots groups are forming everywhere with the intent to engage with similar groups in other places, to create new and sustainable life styles that honor and care for all, and that bring planet damaging industrial activities to a halt.


现在绝大多数的人体验到的混乱、困惑和苦难,清晰地展示了,一个恐惧和生存驱动的生活,看起来所有人都在侵略性地争夺,很快就会耗尽的重要资源,只会导向冲突和进一步的苦难。这个混乱和困惑,正在引领许多人去寻找新的交互方式(当地地,全国地,国际上地),这样合作可以替代竞争。然后新的设计和计划,能够让所有人和谐地生活在一起 --- 愿意相互依存,认识到和荣耀所有人的权利与需求 --- 会被执行。这是唯一理智的前进道路,对人类而言,草根团体正在世界各地成型,意图与其它地方类似的团体接洽,创造新的,可持续发展的生活方式(荣耀和关心所有人,停止破坏性的工业活动)


Life on Planet Earth can be good for everyone, and today’s young people are the ones who are going to make that possible. They are far more aware than the older generations of the essential need for change so that ALL can live with freedom and dignity worldwide. The old beliefs that societies and cultures honored, and which many of your laws support and enforce, are either changing rapidly or are being discarded because it can be clearly seen that they are totally lacking in compassion. You are all divine beings, your true nature is Love, and the reality of that is becoming ever more apparent. There are large numbers of books, seminars, and workshops readily available that are teaching this truth and helping people to find that truth within themselves. It has always been there, but, because of humanity’s deeply held belief that its survival depends on weapons and defense systems in order to protect itself from known and unknown enemies, that truth has been denied or buried below the level of conscious awareness, and the distrust that belief has encouraged has inevitably led to conflict.


地球上的生活,可以对所有人来说都是美好的,当今的年轻人,就是会让这成为可能的人。他们比老一辈人,更加清楚改变必须发生,这样所有人可以伴随着自由和尊严活着。社会和文化荣耀的旧信念,你们许多的法律支持和实施的,要么快速改变,要么被抛弃,因为可以清晰地看到,它们完全缺乏同情心。你们都是神圣的存在,你真正的本质是爱,这一事实变得越来越明显。有着大量的书籍、研讨会和工作坊在教导这个真理,并帮助人们找到内在的这个真理。它一直在那里,但,出于人类根深蒂固的信念 --- 他们的生存,取决于武器和防御系统,为了保护自己,免受已知与未知的敌人攻击,那个真理被否认或埋藏在显意识之下,这一信念所鼓励的不信任,不可避免地导向了冲突


In truth everyone wants only to be seen, honored, respected, and loved, but for eons that desire has been made subservient to the seemingly far more pressing fear driven needs of survival. Love and fear cannot coexist. However, as humans in form, it seems to most of you that they can, that you can love those who are your friends, your family, and who are of your ethnic, religious, political, or cultural persuasion, while hating or despising those who appear to be different from you. But in these circumstances the love is conditional, and if one of those you love – a person, a team, a group, an organization – changes its beliefs or opinions and is then in disagreement with you, or crosses you in some other way, that “love” can turn to hate!


事实上,每个人都只是想要被看到 , 被荣耀 , 被尊重和被爱,但恒久以来,这个渴望屈从于看似更加紧迫的,恐惧驱动的生存需求。爱与恐惧无法共存。无论如何,作为形态中的人,对大多数人来说,他们可以,你可以爱那些是你的朋友、家人、同一个人种、宗叫、政党、文化的人,而讨厌或鄙视那些,看上去和你不同的人。但在这些情况中,爱是有条件的,如果你爱的人 --- 一个人、一个团队、一个群体、一个组织 --- 改变了他 / 她的信念或观念,然后与你意见不一致,或在某些方式中与你岔开,那个“爱”会变成恨


These apparent differences between you can be found in groups all across the world where people identify with “my” family, “my” friends, “my” school, “my” team, “my” employer, “my” church, “my” country etc. Emotionally identifying oneself with a group provides a sense of belonging, of being seen and accepted, while that underlying sense – that practically every human experiences – of not being good enough, not being fully acceptable, not being lovable is then projected outwards onto the groups to which the pronoun “my” does not apply, turning them into enemies who must be fought and defeated.


这些你们之间显著的不同,可以在世界各地的团体中看到,人们都定义“我的”家人,“我的”朋友,“我的”学校,“我的”团队,“我的”老板,“我的”国家等等。情感上把自己定义到一个团体中,会提供一个归属感,被看到和被接纳,而那潜在的感知 --- 实际上是每个人的体验 --- 不够好,不被完全接纳,不够讨人喜欢,随后被投射到“我的”这个代词并不适用的团体,把它们变成必须战斗和击败的敌人


The insanity of this kind of belief is now widely acknowledged. Nevertheless, there are still many who hold onto these beliefs very firmly and who, it seems, are not yet ready to question them seriously and honestly. These beliefs are so much a part of their personal sense of identity that to question or alter them would be to self destruct. They have so much internal unacknowledged pain, causing them intense personal suffering, that they absolutely need to belong to like minded groups so that they can project the fear it entails outwards in anger towards groups unlike themselves. It is for them an essential way to avoid admitting to and feeling the intense pain within themselves.




As they go through life they will encounter events and situations that strive to draw their attention inwards, to become aware of and open to their suffering so that it may be healed; but until they are themselves willing to look within, all that others can do is be aware of their pain and intend to send them love. Doing that is not a cop out! Holding the intent to send love to another is one of the most powerful and effective ways that you can help them, even though you may get no sense of it. In fact over the last few decades many have been setting this intent daily and it is having an enormous effect worldwide, and there are many reports of people who have been badly hurt offering compassion and forgiveness to those who have hurt them, thus healing both parties.


随着他们进行生活,他们会遭遇让他们将注意力转向内、去意识到他们的痛苦,并向痛苦敞开,这样它可以被疗愈的事件与情况。但除非他们愿意看向内在,其他人所能够做的,就是意识到他们的痛苦,并意图发送給他们爱。这么做不是一个逃避!保持把爱发送给他人的意图,是你可以帮助他们的,一个最有力量和最有效的方式,即使你不明白原理。事实上,在过去的几十年,许多人每天都在设置这个意图,这在世界范围内产生了巨大的影响,有着许多的报道 --- 被严重伤害的人,对那些伤害他 / 她的人,提供了同情心和宽恕,因此双方都被疗愈


Remember, LOVE is your nature, It is who you are. LOVE is All That Exists. You can call It Mother/Father/God, Divine Wisdom, Supreme Intelligence, Source, or any other word or phrase that works for you. But of course there are no wordsthat can get anywhere closeto describing or defining the Reality in which all life has its eternal and joyful existence.


记住,爱是你的本质,是你的所是。爱是一切万有。你可以称它为母亲 / 父亲 / 神,神圣的智慧,最高智能,源头或任何你喜欢的称呼。但当然,没有话语可以描绘或定义,所有生命永恒与喜悦存在的现实


However, when you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary where Love resides in every moment of your eternal existence, you can access the deep inner knowingthat you are One with Source. Experiencing that for the first time is amazingly uplifting, an empowering sensation that absolutely assures you of your eternal divine nature as One with All That Exists, most positively confirming for you that there is NO SEPARATION!




To awaken is to become consciously aware of this divine Truth, and as that happens all within you that is not in complete alignment with Love will just fall away. Being fully awake and fully conscious you will be unable and unwilling to retain or hold onto beliefs, emotions, or feelings that are unreal, as the Light of divine Love shines out through you, and extends beyond you embracing all others equally because you are all others. And yet, of course, there are no others, and the realization of that is indeed reason to celebrate!




With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan



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